Quartz: Why Its Dominating The Competition

Over the past few years, quartz has grown in popularity as a countertop option and it does not appear that the trend will end soon. In fact, a recent Washington Post article proclaimed that quartz has surpassed granite as the homeowner’s choice in countertop.

Benefits of Quartz Countertops

There are many benefits to quartz countertops. They are antimicrobial as they are less porous than other types of stone counters. They are resistant to staining, scratching and heat. There is consistency in their color and texture plus the cost is similar to that of granite. Quartz also offers a wider range of color and style options than granite or marble.

Low Maintenance

Quartz countertops require very little maintenance. They can be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with warm water and mild soap. In fact, you should never use abrasive cleaners on quartz countertops as it could damage the surface. Granite countertops must be sealed periodically to protect it but quartz never needs to be sealed. For this reason, quartz is often promoted as being maintenance free.

Environmentally Friendly

Although quartz countertops are manufactured using resins and colorings, they are considered more environmentally friendly than granite. Even though granite countertops are made completely of natural stone, granite requires a significant amount of resources to quarry and transport granite. This increases its environmental impact.

Uniformity in Large Kitchens

One of the negatives with granite countertops is that each slab is different because of how the stone is formed in nature. Quartz is an engineered countertop so every slab is the same. If you have a large kitchen, using quartz can give your counters a more uniform look throughout. You also have more color options with quartz as you are not limited to the colors that Mother Nature can create. Because the countertops are engineered, colors are added so there are many more to choose from than in granite or other stones.

Less “Coldness”

Many people find that granite has a “cold” feel that puts them off. Quartz, however, feels “warmer” almost as if it is a softer stone. The fact is that quartz is one of the hardest substances on Earth so it is not actually softer than granite but the feel of the countertop surface gives off that illusion. If you are seeking a warmer, retro look, quartz is the better option for your countertops.

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