Should I Seal My Quartz Countertop?

Over the past few years, quartz has become as popular as stones that have been favorite countertop material for decades, like granite, marble and travertine. Reviewing real estate listings of newly-built homes, quartz countertops and even flooring have been appearing more and more often. One reason for this popularity is the fact that quartz is virtually maintenance free.

Understanding Quartz Construction Products

Quartz countertops and flooring are created by mixing crushed quartz with resins and pigment. The crushed stone has a high concentration of silicon dioxide. It is important not to confuse quartz with other natural stones, like quartzite. Quartz is a crystalline material that does give many types of natural stone its patterning and veining but it is not the same as quartzite. When the material is manufactured, over 90 percent of rock fragments are placed in machines that mix, vibrate and mold the slabs before being heated and curated. Once that is complete, the surface is finished and polished.

Naturally Non-Porous

Once quartz is polished, the surface is very cohesive. This means that the surface is non-porous, unlike other stones like marble and limestone. In fact, one of the reasons many ancient structures did not retain their integrity is because the stones used to build them were too porous. Without sealant, those types of stones can suffer permanent damage. Once the fabrication process is complete with quartz, however, the material is long-lasting and non-porous.

Better Durability

What all this means is that quartz does not need periodic sealing like other types of stone. In many types of stone, sealing is necessary because substances can seep into pores leading to stains or bacteria growth. Although stains are less likely to occur with quartz, however, it is possible for it to stain, especially if acidic substances are left on the countertop for too long. In addition to there being no need to seal quartz, the counters and floors can be cleaned using mild soap and warm water with a soft cloth. You can also use specially formulated cleaners designed specifically for quartz surfaces.

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