Homeowners Guide To Recycled Glass Countertops

Are you searching for a stylish addition to your home? If you have looked at the latest trends, recycled glass countertops are gaining in popularity. While these options are eco-friendly, their durability is prized by builders. You might be wondering if these sustainable countertops are the right choice for you. Here are some facts to help you understand if these countertops will make a great addition to your home or business.

What Are Recycled Glass Countertops?

These countertops may be called recycled glass, or in some circles, crushed glass countertops. The counters are made by setting the glass in either an acrylic or concrete mix. At the end of production, you will have a mosaic of glass that provides a great aesthetic look to your countertops.

With the acrylic countertops, the glass chunks look like they are floating on the surface. If you have a counter with a concrete base, those pieces feature a more mosaic look. Depending on the base, you will have to care for them differently. A concrete base is more durable than acrylic, and it is more chemically resistant. However, it should be sealed like a natural stone.

Like most countertop materials, recycled glass comes in a variety of colors. With that, you can find a pattern or color that will match your decor.

The Pros of Recycled Glass Countertops

There are a lot of pros to using a crushed glass countertop. For many people, the price is comparable to natural stone. In some cases, your recycled glass countertop could be less per square foot than the price of a high-end granite or marble.

Plus, crushed glass countertops are made with post-consumer glass, which is better for the environment. Many of these companies take large quantities of glass and turn them into a countertop.

Along with that, recycled glass is resilient and durable. You can use it in a kitchen without fear of heat damage or scratches on the surface. Recycled glass countertops require simple maintenance. You may have to reseal the countertop occasionally, but you will not need special cleaners like those for a marble or granite option.

Finally, there is a uniqueness to these countertops. You can find great countertops at a lower cost than those high-end materials. In many cases, lower-end materials feature standard colors, and they are more susceptible to damage. Crushed glass countertops have several colors and patterns that can match existing decor. With these countertops, you have a unique element that will look great. The typical home is the perfect place to add a recycled glass countertop.

Recycled Glass Countertop Disadvantages

While there are plenty of benefits to recycled glass countertops, there are some disadvantages. These materials are not natural stones. If you have a high-end kitchen, you might want to go with something more luxurious, like marble or granite. For those countertops with an acrylic base, you will not have the same acid resistance.

With that, you must be careful not to place any damaging substances on the surface, or it can cloud the look of your countertop. In addition to that, since this is a new material, not all companies understand the unique qualities. If you want this in your home, you want to find someone who has the experience to install and treat your slab with the proper materials and workmanship.

Finally, recycled glass countertops are known for their green properties, but there is some criticism for the bases. Concrete is a significant contributor to greenhouse gases, and it does take some energy to crush glass for the countertop surface. However, you can use an acrylic base to have a more environmentally friendly product for your home.

Is Recycled Glass Right for You?

More people than ever are choosing to have recycled glass countertops installed in their homes. With the novelty and low costs, these options are a great way to have a greener building. Plus, these materials are just as durable as natural stone, and they have options that can rival any colors from other materials. The lower price doesn’t hurt the benefits of this sustainable option.

For many people, the downsides are minor when comparing the benefits. If you consider this option for a commercial space, there is only one spot where you would not want to use them. Recycled glass countertops are not the ideal choice for a commercial kitchen. However, those spaces mostly use stainless steel for their countertop needs.

If you are on a budget, you can add some life and color to your kitchen areas without a huge investment. These countertops will look as good as a granite or marble option. In some high-end homes, recycled glass countertops still cannot beat a natural stone. For those who have a natural stone already in place, you might want to consider keeping those selections in your home. However, if you are searching for a safe choice for your space, then recycled glass is almost always an excellent alternative.

Want a Recycled Glass Countertop?

If you are ready to start a kitchen remodel, you might want to consider a recycled glass countertop for your next project. Many of these countertops have options that can blend into your existing or new decor. You can find a wide range of colors and patterns for your countertop. There are many manufacturers in the market, but you will want to do your research and find someone with expertise in the industry. If you want an option in your home that is better for the world, then make sure to use recycled glass for your next project.

Need To Find Granite Companies Nearby?

At Marble Concepts, we have the experience to help you choose the right countertop for your home, including recycled glass. Our team will help you walk through the entire process, from selecting the materials to installing the countertops. With recycled glass, you can get a great look at an affordable price. If you would love to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 215-396-7393.