The Most Popular Granite Colors to Use At Home In 2021

When you add a new countertop to your home, it instantly becomes the focal point of your space. Whether you have an ample open room or a tiny galley kitchen, all of these areas can be enhanced with a beautiful granite counter. These countertops are long-lasting elements that will become the workhorse of your home. Along with helping to create meals, these spaces are where friends and family tend to gather.

Choose the Ideal Granite Color

With granite countertops, every slab is a work of art. You will not find two slabs that are exactly alike. Plus, you can customize your countertops with specialized edges. If you want to follow today’s design trends, there is a focus on drama and contrast. However, many homeowners are selecting granite that has more subtle colors.

You need to think about adding more neutral shades to your home. You can find granite countertops in a wide range of colors. However, brown, white, gray, and cream hues are the ones dominating design trends in 2021. Granite countertops in any shade are beautiful, but check out these selections if you want to choose the popular colors for your home.

Sunset Canyon

If you are searching for an exceptional choice for your granite countertop, you cannot go wrong with Sunset Canyon. This granite has neutral shades of cream, taupe, and brown. The neutral brown can easily blend with most types of wall paints, flooring, and cabinetry. Along with that, this color brings a little warmth to your room. While some choices can be a little too busy for a kitchen, Sunset Canyon is a great option that can appeal to almost all homeowners.

Alpine White

In the past years, there was a focus on minimalist designs. For that reason, you found plenty of stark white countertops in homes. While Alpine White is still a “white” countertop, it takes that color to the next level. This granite countertop features a dramatic veining that gives some movement to a room. Alpine White has a combination of snowy white, coffee brown, and deep gray. If you have a minimalist-designed home, you can still add these countertops to your spaces. Think about using contrasting lights and some black hues to balance the look of Alpine White in your home.

Azul Celeste

Gray has been a major component of home decor for the past several years. It continues to be an essential color for 2021. Azul Celeste is an elegant color with shades of pale blue, silvery gray, and charcoal. If you have any stainless steel appliances or gray cabinetry, this color is sure to stand out and make a big impression. In addition to that, Azul Celeste is a color that can make a stunning focal point, but it is not too busy where it takes away from other design elements.

White Ice

The color is also called Aspen White. No matter the name, it can be easily paired with all types of colors in your kitchen, including those pure white cabinets and appliances. White Ice might sound like it is a stark white color, but it still features contrasting shades that provide a pattern of movement to your kitchen. You should think about using this countertop with some black or pale gray. When you utilize these light-colored colors, they will make your countertops look more open.

White Valley

Many homeowners love the look of cleanliness in their kitchens. If you want some purity in your home, think about adding a White Valley granite countertop. This color features a mix of pale gray and snow-white hues. With a granite countertop, you will have a durable counter that provides an elegant brightness to your kitchen spaces. Along with that, you never have to worry about staining with these counters. White Valley is a color that looks great in almost all home spaces.

Makalu Bay

If you want a versatile and flexible color for a countertop, think about selecting the Makalu Bay. This color is an excellent choice for any kitchen countertop. You already know that granite is a big investment. With this color, you have a shade that will look great for many years to come. Plus, it will last for a long time in your home. Makalu Bay is a combination of gold, brown, and beige. Those colors have a timeless elegance. This color features a subtle pattern that can blend into any decor. From contemporary to rustic, Makalu Bay is a complimentary choice that is an excellent addition to any home.

Oyster White

It can be challenging to find a suitable granite color that can match up with your existing cabinetry. However, there are plenty of options on the market for your home. Many homeowners want the right design elements for their homes, including finding the ideal accent colors and veining options for those countertops. Think about Oyster White for your countertops if you want a warm white background with black and deep gray veining. You can design around these three shades of color. It will look fantastic against stainless steel appliances, taupe cabinetry, or wooden floors. All of those features will pick up on the various color shades in the granite countertop.

Select Your Perfect Countertop

Many of these colors show that there is a growing trend towards neutral shades. These colors display a higher use of grayish tones. Along with these beautiful colors, granite countertops feature low maintenance and high durability. When you choose these colors, you can have a beautiful home with a stunning centerpiece for your kitchen.

Find Granite Companies Nearby

If you are ready to select the right granite countertop for your home, there are plenty of choices on the market. No matter your design tastes, you can find the right hues that blend with your cabinets, floors, and appliances. Along with granite, you can use other natural and artificial materials for a fantastic countertop. Marble Concepts will help you choose the right countertop for your home. You can schedule a consultation with our professional team by calling 215-396-7393.