Granite 101: Do’s and Don’ts of Granite Countertop Maintenance

Many homeowners might not want a granite countertop in their home because they are afraid of the daily maintenance. However, granite countertops don’t require tons of time to make them look great. There are many myths and misconceptions about these countertops. With this guide, you can learn the do’s and don’ts of granite countertop care.

How To Keep Those Granite Countertops Looking Fabulous

If you want to keep your granite countertops looking great, then make sure to avoid any harmful habits that may damage them. Cleaning methods of marble are not the same as a granite top. Granite has a unique set of care instructions to keep up the appearance of the stone. You want to avoid any of those bad practices that might be wreaking havoc on your counters.

Immediately Clean Up Spills

While sodas, tomato sauce, wine, and coffee will not etch granite, they can cause stains if you leave them on the surface. In some cases, cooking oils can also stain your countertops. If there is a spill in your kitchen, make sure to be ready to clean it.

Always Use a Soft Cloth or Sponge

There are specially formulated granite cleaners on the market. However, you always want to use hot water for any of those quick clean-ups. You might want to stay away from the regular dish soap. It will not harm your countertops, but it can leave a buildup of soap scum over time. In turn, dish soap will dull the appearance of your granite.

Use Coasters for Bottles, Cans, and Glasses

If you have a properly sealed granite countertop, coasters will not etch your surface. You still want to protect the beauty of your countertop by using a coaster. These coasters are an extra layer of protection for all your kitchen countertop surfaces.

Hot Pots and Pans Need Trivets

Yes, it is possible to take a hot pan off the stove and leave it on your granite countertops without any damage. In some rare cases, the granite might go into “thermal shock” and crack. No matter what, you never want to place hot pans directly on the counter’s surface.

Don’t Forget the Cutting Board

With a granite countertop, you want to avoid any possibilities of scratching the surface. For that reason, always grab a cutting board for those kitchen jobs. Cutting on the granite dulls the edges of the knives. You want to save both your countertops and utensils by using a cutting board.

Never Use Generic Cleaning

Degreasers, bleach, and glass cleaners all contain chemicals and acids that can degrade the sealer on your countertop. As a result, your granite will be more prone to staining. You want to only reach for cleaning products that are specially designed to protect your granite counters.

Avoid Using Ammonia, Lemon, Orange, or Vinegar as Cleaners

Many homeowners turn to vinegar to clean up around the home. Before you spray on your granite countertops, keep in mind that these cleaners can damage the countertop’s sealer. If you want to clean up your granite, make sure to use a soft cloth and warm water.

Put Down Those Tile and Bathroom Cleaners

Bathroom or tub cleaners are harsh products that could damage your granite’s shiny surface. These cleaners have abrasives that can dull and scratch surfaces.

Don’t Sit on Your Countertops

Granite countertops are hard, but they are not flexible. You could stand on a laminate countertop without any worries. However, those countertops have a plywood backing for extra stability. If weight is applied to one spot of your granite, it can lead to a cracked surface.

Never Store Liquids on Your Granite Counters

If you have granite in the bathroom, you don’t want to store any colognes, perfumes, hair products, or lotions on the surface. For the kitchen, keep those cooking oils away from these counters. These products tend to leak and spill. You might not even notice until these liquids have already stained your surface. You can avoid all those issues by keeping these products away from your granite.

Your Granite Maintenance Routine

Now that you know about the do’s and don’ts, here are a few ways to easily maintain your granite countertops.

On a daily basis, you want to wipe up any crumbs and clean those spills. By doing this, you can keep up the appearance of your countertops. You might want to find a specially designed cleaner to provide a streak-free shine to your granite.

You should thoroughly clean your granite countertops once a week. With that, you want to move all the items off the counter and apply a granite cleaner. Wipe down the entire surface, especially those overlooked edges. With a bit of elbow grease, you can remove dust and debris from those hidden areas of your countertop.

Granite cleaner will help to clean and condition the stone. Along with that, it will protect its shine and luster. If you have granite countertops, you will want to keep an organized kitchen. By doing so, you can make the cleaning process easier for you.

For those monthly cleaning jobs, reach for a granite polish to enhance the shine of your countertops. Many of these products are not used for any repairs, but they are solely designed to boost the luster of your granite. If you have discoloration or other issues, these topical polishes will not correct any of those problems. Over time, the polish will wear off, and you will have to reapply.

Finally, your yearly cleaning plans should determine if you need to reseal the granite. Typically, granite should be resealed every year to three years. When you start to see the stone darken, it could be a sign that your countertops need to be resealed.

Protect Your Investment

With all these tips and tricks, you can prolong the beauty of your granite countertops. You will be able to enjoy your granite countertops for many years to come.

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