How Can I Update My Kitchen Without Renovating

Updating a kitchen can be an expensive proposition. Costs of a full kitchen renovation can run in the tens of thousands of dollars. That’s a hard pill to swallow, but when it comes to a full renovation, kitchens aren’t a cheap fix.

Simple Remedies

So, how do you update a kitchen without actually renovating the whole space? There are simple remedies that can transform a kitchen without completely remodeling it. Budgeting can help, as can creative and less labor-intensive projects that update your kitchen without renovating it, and spending a fortune.


In order to budget for a kitchen update that doesn’t involve an expensive and complex renovation, you might want to think about just working on updates in stages or increments. That way you can budget money for updates, save on costs and still have the satisfaction of accomplishing important decorative and functional tasks in your kitchen. As an example, you could start with a kitchen cabinet project and move on to a countertop and then to a backsplash area. Here are other less time consuming and less expensive ideas that can make a difference in your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

One of the least expensive and time-saving projects is simply replacing cabinet hardware. New hinges, drawer pulls, handles and knobs can bring a whole new look to cabinets. Every day there are more metal hardware pieces in the marketplace to choose from that can transform even the drabbest of cabinets. Whether chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, stainless steel or another metal alloy, there are hardware pieces to compliment any cabinet.

– Other ideas with cabinet changes include staining or painting existing ones. Use paint or stain in contemporary colors, or go with pristine white or other neutral colors. Any color choice can bring a whole new look to kitchen cabinets without spending a fortune on new ones. Plus, lighter colors will brighten and enlarge a kitchen space. Painting or staining cabinets are considerably more budget-friendly in comparison to ripping out old cabinets and installing new ones and paying a high price for the privilege.

Wall Paint

In addition to cabinet painting and hardware installation, wall paint can really bring life to a kitchen space. Painting kitchen walls is one other inexpensive way to upgrade and freshen a kitchen. The right paint color can bring a different outlook and mood to a kitchen. Colors available today cover all ranges from bold and rich to light and bright. Neutral colors, variations of white and even gray can turn around the look of a kitchen. In choosing a color, you want to think about whether you want to create a large and open feeling or one that is smaller, cozier and warmer. The right color can do either.

Kitchen Faucet

It’s amazing how a new faucet can change the appearance of a kitchen. There are numerous choices today that are ergonomically designed, contemporary in style and available in any number of finishes, such as brushed nickel, chrome, bronze, and polished brass. Faucets are moderately priced to fit most budgets, and a new faucet is one item that can update any kitchen sink in a matter of minutes. Newer faucet models have on/off buttons, pause and swivel functions, pull out sprayers, hoses with magnetic self-docking systems, extra high necks, and other features.

Backsplash Update

If you don’t have a backsplash or want to update your current backsplash area because it’s dated, or it just needs a facelift, there are simple and inexpensive ways to do it. Many backsplashes are fabricated in mosaic patterns that are attached to mesh sheets for quick and easy installment. Subway tiles, other types of tiles, tumbled stone and glass are excellent sources for backsplashes, and many of these choices already have adhesive type backing for quick installation.

Appliance Replacement

Maybe you can only replace one appliance at a time with a mini-renovation but with everyone that you do, your kitchen will take on a whole new look. A refrigerator replacement, especially if it’s old and dated, could be a starting point. Stainless steel appliance finishes seem to be the going trend as well as black matte, graphite gray and even a lacquer finish white. In addition, most appliances today are designed with energy-saving features, particularly refrigerators and dishwashers. Also, there are savings to be made through special sale dates for appliances and other savings plans through scratch and dent models, open-box sales, old appliances for cash programs, rebates and in-store coupons.

Countertop Substitutes

Countertops can be expensive, especially when it comes to natural stone, faux stone, wood, tile, and even laminates. So, what can you do to make a countertop space appear new and different without spending a fortune? There are a number of ways to update old and dingy countertops through simple cover-up techniques. Use oversized cutting boards or marble tile overlays to cover bad or worn spots. Also, try the scrunched craft paper and stain technique with a polyurethane finish and your countertops will have an almost leather-like look to them. Believe it or not, there are also other coverings in contact paper, sponge painting, and chalkboard paint.


Put a little light on the subject of your kitchen. The right kind of lighting can do more for a kitchen update than you think. It can bring both ambiance and warmth to a kitchen space without a lot of money paid out of pocket. You can use less expensive replicas of high-end fixtures to bring a glow to your kitchen. Add LED lights that are battery operated and affix them to the underside of a cabinet, which brings an understated warmth to a countertop area. While you’re at it, add some light switch covers to bring a fresh new look to your light switches and your kitchen walls. Home improvement stores have good prices on light fixtures and switches and there are numerous online sources as well with sale prices. Even thrift stores carry unusual and different fixtures that can give your kitchen an uplift with light.

Maybe the kitchen of your dreams is out of the picture for now, but you don’t have to abandon your dreams of the perfect kitchen when you incorporate budget-friendly and simple kitchen updates. If you aren’t sure about how to get started or want more advice on simple renovation ideas, complete the online contact form and an expert will get back to you with the information you need to update your dream kitchen.