Pet Safety During Renovations

Renovating your home can be exciting, but it can also be stressful, especially when you have pets. During a renovation, there are many dangers to pets, even some you were unaware were hazardous. From materials that can be toxic to loud noises that startle, there are many things that can frighten or injure your pets during renovations. So how do you keep your pets safe during home improvement? Let’s find out.

Smells and Sounds

Keep in mind that a home renovation is noisy and there can be many unusual smells as well. As loud as the noise is to you, remember that it will be much louder for your dogs and cats as their hearing is much keener than a human’s hearing. Their scent is also more sensitive so fumes from paint and other chemicals will irritate them more than they will a human. If possible, remove your pets from the home when there will be loud noise or the possibility of fumes that could be dangerous to them.

Disrupted Routine

During a home renovation, the routine your pets are used to will be disrupted. This may mean they could exhibit unusual behavior. This could include accidents on the floor or they may try to hide. Some dogs may act aggressively which is a sign they are under stress. If you notice that your animals are in distress, consider sending them to stay with a family member, a pet sitter, or boarding them.

Surround Them with Comfort

Your pet simply wants to know that they are loved, especially when they are stressed. Keep them comfortable by surrounding them with their favorite toys and bedding. During the renovation, spoil them with their favorite treats. Try to stick to their normal routine with walks, feeding time, and bedtime. During the renovation, avoid anything that may stress them even further, such as taking them to the vet or leaving home for extended periods. If your pets are not fans of riding the car, try not to take them for rides during this time.

Move Pets Outside

If it is possible, put your pets outside while the contractors are working in your home. Be sure that the temperatures are safe for them and provide plenty of water. Move anything out of the yard that could harm them like rakes or pesticides as well. If the weather is warm, place a fan where your dog or cat can get air blowing over them. Never leave your dog unattended on a lead if they are not used to being on one for extended periods as they could become tangled and choke.

Keep Pets Out of the Way of Contractors

Your contractors should not have to worry about your pets being in the way as they work. A pet can be a dangerous distraction when power tools are involved. If you cannot put your animals outside, block off the area where the contractors are working to protect both the animal and the workers, according to granite companies nearby. Keep in mind that even the mildest mannered dog will bite when they are frightened or stressed, so it is critical that you keep your dog away from strangers as much as possible.

Keep Dangerous Items Away from Your Pet

Electrical wires, screws, and other items can injure your pets. As much as a nail or screw hurts when you step on it, the item could severely damage the paws of your cats or dogs. When the contractor goes home for the day, be sure to pick up any debris that could cause a hazard for your animals. If you have a young animal, especially a puppy, they could chew threw wiring that may be exposed. Try to block any exposed wire so your dog cannot get to it and pick up any electrical equipment that may appear to entice the puppy.

Secure Loose Items

The contractor may have stacks of supplies where they are working. Cats and dogs like to rub up against things. Because wood may be rougher than your sofa or a table leg, it could be an enticing place to rub. However, this could topple a stack of plywood or boards which could seriously injure your pet. If there are items stacked, ask the contractor to tie them together or block the area so your pets cannot reach them.

Open Doors and Windows

Open doors and windows are portals to new areas to explore for a cat or dog. Contractors will be coming in and out often, so it is possible your pets could escape. This is especially true if part of the project is replacing doors and windows. Even other pets are at risk, including birds who could fly out of an open window. Try to keep pets in a room that can be closed off if doors and windows will be open to areas that could lead them to run away or get lost.

Add The Beauty of Natural Stone to Your Home

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