Should I Keep a Tub in My Remodeled Bathroom

One of the most used rooms in our homes but it is often forgotten when we think of home improvement projects. What you may not know is that bathrooms are one of the first things new buyers look at when they are contemplating a bathroom purchase and if yours is dated or not very functional, it could be a deal-breaker. One trend in bathroom remodels today is removing the tub and replacing it with a shower. Marble Concepts explains the pros and cons of removing a tub from your bathroom.

Disadvantages of Bathtubs

If you have a standard tub in your bathroom, how often do you use it? Although soaking in a warm bubble bath might be a way to relax on occasion, with today’s busy schedules very few people take the time to do that. With a standard-size tub, you may not have enough room to relax anyway. There is ample evidence that stepping over the side of a bathtub can be dangerous for someone with balance issues, especially someone who is elderly. In addition, the bottom of a tub can be very slippery, making it easier for someone to fall. Even though a nice warm bath may be relaxing, there are some studies that indicate they are not healthy for women as they can lead to urinary tract infections. Bathtubs take up more space than most shower stalls, even the larger models popular today. If you already have a tub/shower combination, removing the tub can free up space for linens or even allow you to create a private toilet stall.

Disadvantages of Showers

If you only have one bathroom in your home, removing your tub and installing a shower could reduce the value of your home. Although you may not have small children at home, a potential buyer may and not having a bathtub would be a deterrent to them buying the home. Most real estate agents will suggest that if you have only one bathroom, you do not remove the tub. However, if you do have more than one, a master bath with a steam shower might be a benefit to a buyer. Some homeowners find shower stalls harder to keep clean and many dislike the water spots that remain in the glass after people have showered. Many of today’s showers are tile but it is important to choose the right tile. Marble Concepts suggests choosing a stone that does not need to be sealed often and using a grout that protects against water penetration.

Advantages of Bathtubs

For many people, a bathroom just does not look right without a bathtub. If you have a standing shower now, consider removing it and installing a large garden tub that is perfect for soaking. Often, buyers are drawn to garden tubs, especially those with jets that create the feeling of a Jacuzzi and would prefer that in a bathroom to a shower stall. For many people, a long, relaxing bath is a great way to unwind after a long day. For those who suffer from joint pain, soaking in warm water can relieve pain and relax the joints. If you add a garden tub with jets, they can help you deal with pain from arthritis and other illnesses that can cause chronic pain. Bathtubs are a better option if you have small children as many children are frightened in the shower. Children also enjoy spending time in the bathtub, splashing and playing as they get clean.

Advantages of Showers

In today’s market, you can find much larger shower stalls than were available just a few years ago. Many homeowners are installing steam showers with jets in various locations to provide the maximum water spray. Add beautiful tile walls along with a seat and your bathroom will feel more like a spa. A large shower stall may also resolve the problem of not having a bathtub if you have children. Many offer handheld showerheads that can be used for children. A parent can also get in the shower with them if the shower is large enough. Showers provide a safer alternative to bathtubs. There is no “side” to step over and many have non-slip surfaces on the bottom to prevent falling. It is also possible to install grab bars in a shower that will help older adults maintain their footing when they are showering. Water spots can be managed using Rain-X on the glass or the installers may be able to put a film on the glass that lasts up to three years and repels spotting. Showers also offer larger niches so you can store shampoo, lotions, and bath gels easier.

The Decision

Both tubs and showers have advantages and disadvantages. When deciding whether to remove the tub completely and have just a shower in your bathroom, you need to determine whether you can live without a tub for soaking or if you could simply use a tub in another bathroom should you decide you want to take a nice long bath. If you are getting older, a shower offers more safety features than a tub but there are also tub models that are specifically designed for older adults and those who are disabled. The size of your bathroom, as well as your home, will also be a determining factor in whether you can eliminate a tub completely.

If you are considering eliminating your tub and installing a new shower, contact Marble Concepts to learn how we can help. We use products from the best stone manufacturers around the world and can bring your dreams to life. With almost 40 years’ experience, there is not anything we cannot make from stone. Our employees take pride in their craftsmanship and will create a shower or bath that you will love. You can schedule an appointment by calling today or simply fill out the easy online form. Our friendly customer service staff will guide you through the process and help give you the bathroom of your dreams.