What Color Quartz Countertops Match With Oak Cabinets?

There is no need to get rid of your oak cabinets in good condition when you decide to install quartz countertops. Oak is one of the most popular choices in cabinetry and quartz can add to the richness of those cabinets if you choose the right color.

Samples and Photos

Once you have decided to install quartz countertops while keeping your oak cabinets, the first step is to visit a natural stone countertop showroom to pick up samples and look at designs. You want to choose a countertop that brings out the richness of the oak cabinets and not one that gives them a dull appearance. Be sure to place the samples next to your cabinets in various types of light and at various times of the day to be sure the counters and cabinets will blend well at all times.

Many Color Options

The best thing about quartz countertops is that they are engineered stone. This means that colors can be added to create almost any look you need. You can choose light or dark colors with specific textural aspects that work well with the grain in your cabinet. If you want to lighten your kitchen, choose shades of brown, gray and slate. You can also find quartz counters in shades of pink which allows you to add a unique backsplash and flooring that work well with oak cabinets.

Color Options that Work

Some of the quartz countertop colors that work include:

  • Beaumont – white and gray with hints of caramel and burgundy that tie into the color of the wood. Choose a backsplash in those shades as well to blend the cabinets smoothly into the countertop.
  • Autumn Leaf – creamy background with hints of light brown, rose, burnt orange and even black that create a subtle contrast. Painting a wall one of the accent colors will connect the oak of the cabinet with the quartz as well.
  • Kelvingrove – a dusty rose background with hints of wine colors matched with travertine tile is the perfect addition to your oak cabinets.
    Takoda – black with swirls of gray intertwined with flecks of gold that blends well with oak cabinets. Add a white backsplash and floor for a sharp, clean look.

The only way to determine if a quartz counter will work well with your oak cabinets is to speak to a natural stone expert. Marble Concepts can help you choose the perfect granite and guide you through the entire process. Contact them by filling out the form online or give them a call today.