The Best Stone Options For Fireplace Surrounds

More and more homeowners and potential homeowners are interested in upgrading the look of their fireplace areas with fireplace surrounds and if they don’t already have a fireplace, many are seriously thinking about incorporating one in their personal home designs.

Natural fireplace surrounds are an exciting and modern addition to a traditional fireplace area, and the use of natural stone definitely makes a dramatic design statement. A fireplace surround can be viewed as a focal point to almost any room and can enhance an entire living space.

Numerous Options

Elegant stonework is the key and can be incorporated within any number of fireplace surrounds that can be used within frames, shelves or designs that extend from floor to ceiling. There are various natural stone options that are functional, attractive and adaptable to most any room design. Here are some of the best natural stones to utilize with fireplace surrounds:


Granite is one natural stone that resists most anything from water, scratches, and scuffs to extreme heat, which makes it a good stone for incorporation in a fireplace surround, plus it is resistant to the soot, smoke, and grime that can accumulate around a fireplace area. With granite’s resistance to bacteria, maintenance of a fireplace surround is fast and easy with a simple swipe of soap, water, and a clean cloth.

Granite Fireplace Surround Choices

With the variations in granite selections, any fireplace surround can become the focal point of any room. Bold granite patterns in gold, black and cream can stand alone or be incorporated to present an integration of colors, which makes a striking statement. Designs like Magma Gold can bring the look of melted gold in a swirling and fiery design that can set a fireplace surround apart from all others. Brighter colors in a Calypso Gold granite bring red, gold and cream together to simulate a wood texture that is perfect for a more rustic look in a fireplace surround. There is even room for a cooler fireplace look with Baracuda Blue granite that is suggestive of coastal colors in patterns of white, blue and gray.


Neolith Sintered is a lightweight, compact, durable and heat-resistant surface material that is a combination of raw materials and technological savvy. Neolith slabs are stable and easy to maintain, and they are resistant to stains, scratches, moisture, chemicals, temperature variances, and harmful ultraviolet rays. These novel features make Neolith an obvious material choice for a fireplace surround. Neolith is one material that is easily applied to already existing surfaces, which makes installation fast and efficient, plus Neolith is easy to clean and maintain with soap, water and a clean cloth.

Neolith Fireplace Surround Choices

Neolith is available in stain and soot resistant slab choices, such as a bright white (Estatuario) that is from their Classtone line, which beautifully represents a more modern fireplace surround or even a pueblo or Spanish design look. Other Neolith patterns for fireplace surrounds include leather-like and deep earth tone designs that bring warmth and comfort to a living or den space. There are even light flickering aspects with Neolith’s Onyx pattern which can be used in almost any setting whether ultra modern or more traditional. Semi-precious white onyx is the inspiration and it provides a luminous glow, which fully enhances a fireplace surround.


Marble is both a luxurious and classical option for a fireplace surround as it can be adapted to almost any interior space. Marble is applied vertically which showcases its beauty and it is able to withstand any surrounding heat output from a fireplace, minus any damage to the stone itself. Marble even works well with gas fireplaces where there is limited concern with accumulated soot or dirt.

Marble Fireplace Surround Choices

Popular marble choices for fireplace surrounds include white and grey combinations, which coordinate well with almost any design concept. Both Carrara and Calacatta are good options for fireplace surrounds. Carrara is less expensive and is more harmonized in its spidery veining and grey and silver coloration, while Calacatta has a larger and broader appearance with veining effects. It is best presented in fireplace surrounds that run from the floor to the ceiling for a grand presentation. There are also more color infused marble pieces such as bright green slabs that are almost tropical in appearance. Brown veining features give this marble color a look that is suited for more rustic spaces.

Cambria Quartz

Quartz is another natural stone that is not only hard but it is considered completely natural quartz with added resin binders. Cambria quartz is even more durable and is actually harder than granite or marble. It is an excellent choice for any fireplace surround as its surface is not likely to scratch or crack from heat. There is no fading with Cambria quartz as ambient heat whether from natural wood or gas does not affect the quartz. Cleaning is simple and easy. A dampened soapy towel will quickly remove any debris.

Cambria Quartz Fireplace Surround Choices

One Cambria choice that outshines others is the natural look of Brittanica Gold. Both copper and gold are infused to create a large flame like vein that brings a rich and opulent look to a fireplace surround. Another collection, Cambria’s Coastal line brings the look of mountain stone to a fireplace. A natural glow and sparkle are infused in this wavelike pattern that suggests the comforting movement that only the warmth of a fire can bring. For a deeper and darker look with a hint of gold, copper, and orange, Cambria’s Armitage pattern is able to enhance the light emanating from a fireplace. Every one of these selections intensifies the warmth and color of a fireplace and fireplace surround.


The use of limestone is a cost-effective option to consider when thinking about installing a fireplace surround. Limestone offers durability along with an old-world image that adds charm and historical significance to a traditional or modern home. Limestone’s versatility allows it to coordinate with almost any design scheme and style, and it brings a warm and cozy feeling to a fireplace area. Though limestone is a porous stone, it is still a good choice for a fireplace surround as it likely will be away from moisture, so upkeep should be minimal.

Limestone Fireplace Surround Choices

Most people think of limestone as purely white or off-white in color, but color can be found in limestone for use with fireplace surrounds. One limestone choice, Persiano, is a beige and pink toned stone that has a smooth or more polished finish (honed) that brings warmth and comfort to a fireplace surround. Other more dramatic and modern color combinations can be found in Rainbow Sandstone, which has furrows or large veins of color in yellow and blue that are integrated within the stone. This color use has an almost wood grain appearance and these color choices bring the actual orange flames of a fireplace to a new level. Fossil Maroon/Brown is another subtle and classic design choice that is more in the earth tone family of colors with mixes of green, white and brown in a fleck-line design. It is a good selection for a more rustic design, yet it is equally as suitable for a more polished and sophisticated space.

Stone options for fireplace surrounds are varied and the many design offerings available today give homeowners a number of choices. Both styles and designs are available to meet individual tastes and design plans and projects. If you are interested in finding out more about stone options for a fireplace surround for your home, complete the online contact form and an expert will get back to you with the answers you need to make an informed decision.