When Is The Right Time For A Bathroom Remodel?

Remodeling a bathroom can be a challenge, and the right time of year to do it can be surprising. Though there is no set time for remodeling a bathroom, there is a season or months during the year that can be considered the best for a bathroom remodel. Here is a rundown of the most effective time to do a bathroom remodel.

Winter Months

It seems that the best time of year for a bathroom remodel is from December through March. Fall is a busy time because homeowners trying to finish remodeling projects before the holidays. Towards the end of December and on through to March, things slow down and that’s because of several factors, including winter sales on plumbing hardware, tile and other fixtures, less crowded showrooms, and attentive in-store consultants. The possibility of negotiating on bathroom product prices is also in the works during off times.

Maybe you don’t want to start your bathroom remodel after the holidays, but at least you can stock up on the products you need for a later date. You can save both time and money using this strategy; however, there are advantages and benefits to a bathroom remodel in the winter and it may just be the best time to do your project. Winter tends to be a more relaxed time of year. Things move slower and remodeling projects are more cost-effective.

Here is a listing of those cost-effective tips that come from choosing the winter season for a bathroom remodel:

Seasonal Discounts

If you’re not doing the work yourself and need a remodeling contractor and crew, they are often less busy in the winter, which is good for you and your project. With fewer remodelers working because of a slowdown in business, you should be able to hire a contractor and crew with little trouble. In addition, winter discounts should be available because of slower seasonable business. If a project is less in winter, it’s best to jump on it.


Besides lower costs, the other perks of planning a remodel during the winter months is convenience. When contractors aren’t in demand, you don’t have to fight to get on a schedule or face long delays while workers handle an overabundance of other jobs. The colder months may free up the best contractor and crews available, so they do the work at the time you need them. Instead of having to arrange for a slot on their schedule, you can decide the best time for your remodel work and get it done.

Better Product Selection

During the winter months the chances of needed products and materials such as vanities, showers, faucets, toilets and sinks and any other fixtures being short or out of stock are unlikely. With less demand, you should have no problem getting the materials and items you need for your project.

Indoor Winter Work

With the cold and the possibility of heavy winter weather, contractors are usually happy to do a bathroom remodel work during colder seasons. It’s much more preferable to work inside where it’s warm. With that in mind, you’re also saving on the overall costs of a remodel between the materials and the labor.

Savings with a Winter Bathroom Remodel

If you decide to do your bathroom remodeling project in the off season or anywhere in the latter part of December and beyond, here are some important tips to help you save and make the most on your investment.

Stay within Reason

Forget the latest fads. You’ll want to stick with timeless options. Think stainless steel and well-built neutral cabinets. Forego bold colors, strange layouts and odd tiling. Keep in mind what your bathroom remodel will look like in the years to come and continue on with any upgrades that are of value to your remodel.

Budget Wisely

You want to make sure you budget wisely with any remodeling project in your home. Decide that you want to spend 10 percent of the total value of your home on a bathroom remodel. There are obviously things that you can do like moving bathroom fixtures to different areas in a bathroom space or choosing top-notch features in a separate tub, shower, lighting and other bathroom features but if all of that doesn’t fit your remodeling budget, the extra costs aren’t worth it.

Energy Efficiency

With all the smart home devices available today, do take advantage of bathroom features that are designed to be energy efficient and water saving. You’ll want to think about toilets, showers and lighting fashioned to eliminate high utilities. You want an investment that works for you and saves you money at the same time.

Research Bathroom Remodeling Products

Be sure and research all lines of bathroom features and products available to you in local and on-line stores. Look for factory-direct warehouse prices where you’re able to choose online offerings. Select sinks, vanities, toilets, bathtubs and more that fit your taste and budget. Always keep in mind that winter is the best time to buy what you need for your bathroom remodel. Do your shopping right after the holidays to take advantage of sale prices and closeouts.

When it comes down to a bathroom remodeling project, winter just may be the best time of year to dig in and start your project. With the slowdown in remodeling work, the availability of a contractor and crew and the discounts and sales on bathroom products, you can’t go wrong. You can actually plan out your entire strategy, budget wisely, and save money at the same time. If you are unsure of when to start your remodeling project and you want further information on how to start the process, complete the online contact form and an representative will get back to you with the answers you need to start your bathroom remodeling project.