Why Does Granite Stone Vary in Price?

Due to pricing variations with granite, it can be difficult to get a pulse on the typical price for a granite countertop. Why does granite stone vary in price so much? This price varies due to the amount of choice you have when picking your granite countertops as granite comes in many different colors and patterns. Though granite often starts roughly around $25 per square foot of granite slab, the price largely depends on the following factors:

Reasons Granite Stone is Varied in Price

There are lots of different factors that play into why granite stone varies in price. Here is a list of what could be affecting the price of the granite stone you have ordered for your countertops:

  • Color or pattern
  • Demand
  • Supply
  • Cut of granite
  • Labor costs
  • Installation of granite
  • Delivery of granite

1) Granite Color or Pattern

If you have called in at Marble Concepts, you will have noticed that we have several different types of samples of different granite that you could use for your kitchen countertops. Granite is a natural material that can come in a range of colors from blacks to lights while also having different patterns. Every piece of granite is fairly unique in its patterns as it is natural stone.

There are certain types of granite, such as red granite that are rare and therefore the price will be higher for such a rare piece of granite when compared to a more standard color granite such as black granite. Blue granite is another rare type of granite that is very sought after.

The rarer the color of granite, the higher the price tends to be as these types of colors are in high demand and there is a certain difficulty in sourcing them. If the piece of granite you are looking at has very unique patterns, this may cause the price to alter. The most common patterns for granite are beige veins and these common patterns tend to be at a lower price compared to premium cuts of granite.

2) Demand

The demand for certain types of granite can affect the price of the stone you are purchasing. If there is a supply issue with a certain type of granite or a certain color, there may be a higher demand meaning that the price of the stone could go up. How much supply of granite is available depends on the location where the granite is being cut and delivered from. The price of granite tends to be slightly inconsistent due to these changes in stone rarity.

3) Supply

Granite is a natural stone and therefore its supply can not be 100% planned and predicted. When judging the types of granite, granite is labeled into different categories. These categories represent how rare/common the different colors and patterns are. The quality of the granite will remain the same throughout these categories, it is the availability that will differ and therefore, alter the price.

4) Cut of granite

Just like any other material, the price of granite depends on what size it comes in. It is mostly common that granite comes in large slabs ready to be cut into small sections for kitchens. Although, if you are looking for something smaller you do have the option of ordering granite in a much smaller size such as a tile or block.

Often after a job is completed, there will be a remainder of granite stone that is left after the ideal pieces have been cut out. This leftover stone is called offcuts. If you are looking to make a small counter from granite, purchasing an off-cut can be a lot cheaper. If you are shopping for Granite Countertops in Bucks County, PA, you can always try calling different workshops and seeing what offcuts they have to offer.

5) Labor costs

Ordering the stone is only one part of the factors that decide the cost of your kitchen countertop. Once the parts have been ordered and the stone has been delivered, the stone will need to be prepared, cut, and installed by a team of experts. Cutting such hard pieces of heavy stone takes special skill and expensive equipment. The cost of ordering the stone and the cost of labor are separate prices and you can order the stone by itself for you to prepare at home.

This is not the ideal way of preparing your kitchen countertop as the stone will come in very large pieces and you will need professional, specific tools to turn the stone into the right-sized counters for your home.

6) Installation of granite

If the countertop you are hoping to purchase is a big job, then there will need to be more equipment involved when ordering, delivering, and fitting your kitchen counter. Larger slabs of granite are harder to work with due to the weight they possess. As the slabs of granite become bigger to handle, heavier machinery and more labor will be required to lift it safely and install it properly in your home.

7) Delivery of granite

Another factor that will alter the price of your granite piece is the delivery charge when ordering the original stone. The delivery charge will depend on how big the piece of stone is and which part of the world it will need to be shipped from. Often shipping can take a week to arrive and therefore delivery costs can alter the price slightly.

Evaluate The Factors In Granite Pricing

Understanding the different factors that contribute to the price of granite can help you make a decision on which granite will work for you. If you are wanting a rarer piece of stone, the price will be more on the premium end whereas if you would like to choose a classic traditional granite, this may be easier to source and friendlier on budget.

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