Best Countertops For Cherry Cabinets

If you have cherry cabinets that you’re trying to match with countertop selections, making choices can sometimes be a challenge, mostly because of the color variations in cherry cabinets.

You may have a dark red cherry cabinet look that’s mixed with chocolate or deeper brown, and you may also have lighter shaded cabinets that are cinnamon tinged with color variations, so the selection process isn’t that simple. Cherry cabinets also contain different finishes from matte to shiny and a variegated look with a predominantly red background.

There are ways to determine the best countertops to coordinate with cherry cabinets, but you’ll need to figure out the shade of your cabinets first and make a choice that fits your design scheme and the particular look you’re trying to achieve.

Choosing the Right Color Countertops

When you have existing cabinets that are a true cherry red or they are a lighter cherry, you’ll want to coordinate them with the appropriate countertop selections. You can match your cabinets with neutral beige or choose yellow or gold. These colors offer a contrast, but if you’re not fond of the brightness of yellow or the other suggestions, you can try a neutral shade that has some sort of textural element to it.

Neutral Colors

Neutral and lighter choices coordinate well with cherry cabinets, plus your sense of color won’t be oversaturated, nor will the kitchen area that it covers. You can choose neutrals such as beige, off-white, and cream for a more basic look. You do, however, want to shy away from colors that duplicate any undertones with the counters. When you combine colors in contrast, you’ll create an attractive design.

Darker Colors

If you decide to coordinate your cabinets with darker-colored countertops, you’ll bring richness to space. Even darker cherry cabinets or those with a chocolate or coffee-stained appearance work well with darker countertop choices. They enhance the area and if you want a more polished and clean look to a kitchen space, include stainless steel appliances that highlight and balance out dark cabinets.

Other Suggestions

If you are still indecisive with your selection, shy away from colors that fall within the same range when dealing with coordinating your cabinets with countertops. You’re free to go with selections that create a sharp contrast. Don’t be afraid to mix colors that create opposition with your countertops. For example, a countertop that is almost white paired with either dark cherry, brown or black cabinets is a pleasant contrast.

On line Visualizers or Home Visits

It’s also a good idea to look online for design countertop visualizers or arrange to meet with a countertop representative with samples that you can view directly in your home. Either way, you’ll be better able to decide what works with your cherry cabinets.

Countertop Material Choices

If you’re looking at granite for countertops, you’ll want to know what choices coordinate well with cherry cabinets. With granite, selections include gold and copper colors that run through countertop slabs in the form of light veining or flecks. The colors are warm yet contemporary enough to coordinate with most any kitchen design scheme. Light gold and copper also complement cherry cabinets that are of the dark brown variety. Again, you’ll get a smooth look with gold or copper.

You can also go dark with black or mottled gray countertop choices and you’ll achieve a bold and elegant design. If your kitchen is more rustic, a light mottled gray will bring a stylish yet pleasing appearance to the area.

Top Granite Countertops to Pair with Cherry Cabinets

Whatever look you’re trying to achieve with cherry cabinets, here are some specific suggestions in granite countertop selections.

1. Santa Cecelia – is an old and popular granite selection that is a warm yellow with dark brown speckling. It’s also composed of burgundy with streaks of honey. Santa Cecelia is a popular and beautiful choice that comes from Brazilian quarries and is one of the world’s oldest known stones.

2. Tan Brown granite – is a patterned granite that contains black, brown, and red, with the red patterned in splotches. With the sun and bright lights, the brown and red tones are dynamic while with lowered lights and subdued days, the brown is more apparent. Tan Brown granite coordinates well with darker cherry cabinets along with a somewhat lighter backsplash and the addition of stainless steel appliances.

3. Ivory Brown granite – is an Indian stone that is naturally gray in color with peach, burgundy, and clusters of quartz. The stone’s base is basically white with a pinkish beige granite that has red veins that coordinate quite nicely with the cherry cabinet.

4. Cosmic Black granite – is characterized as dark with longish swirls in different hues of white, amber, and burgundy. It’s a classic choice with several distinctions. The elegance of cosmic black is highlighted by pockets of quartz that add to its elegant appearance. You’re getting a more subtle option, plus color coordination with appliances, fixtures and even drawer pulls is more easily achieved with this choice.

5. Gold Antique granite – is granite that contains a cream background with yellow and golden brown speckling. This particular granite loves light and the brighter the better. The light enhances the background of this granite and it contrasts well with cherry cabinets and it adds spaciousness to a kitchen.

Granite is Distinctive

Before you make a final choice, remember that any granite piece is distinctive in its patterns, shades, speckling, and veining. You’ll want to choose a countertop that works for you and that means actually seeing and matching different sample pieces to your cabinets.

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