How To Choose The Perfect Granite Countertop Color For Your Kitchen

Granite countertops have been pretty much a mainstay in and around the kitchen countertop scene for some time, and granite continues to be one of the most popular and upscale choices of homeowners today. It can be costly, but its durability, almost effortless maintenance, and out-and-out beauty captivate almost anyone in need of either replacing old countertops, or selecting them for a remodel or a new home.

Granite can be found in a variety of colors whether used as both countertops and backsplashes. Both can be coordinated with almost any kitchen design, and the array of selections can make it difficult to decide on exactly what is most appropriate and yet attractive with a particular kitchen’s layout and size. Cabinetry, eating areas, floor tiling, window treatments and other accessories within a kitchen should be taken into consideration before making a final decision.

Color selection doesn’t have to be difficult. There are color choices, both dark and light, which are going to work well with a particular kitchen style and in order to make it easier to choose a color, there are a few pointers to follow that can help make the selection process less stressful as well as one that will bring a positive outcome as far as being satisfied and happy with a choice, which likely has to be lived with for some time to come.

Dark Granite

Darker colored granite always pairs nicely with a more modern or contemporary style kitchen. Dark colors provide a contrast as well as richness to a kitchen space, particularly if the cabinets are lighter and there are appliances in the space that can create focal points. Bolder accents can be added in richly colored accessories such as bowls, candles, metal artistry and other accessories, as well as lighting fixtures and window treatments that allow for natural highlighting and added luster to dark granite countertops.

White Granite


When mentioning white granite countertops to a homeowner, they immediately believe that the plainness of such a slab will do nothing for the looks and function of their kitchen area. What they fail to realize is that white granite is composed of varying flecks and veins running through a slab that adds dimension and color to a kitchen. Different shades of white granite can be coordinated with just about any cabinet color, and the clean, pristine look that white countertops present can make a smaller kitchen area appear larger, lighter and more open.

Neutral Granite

A neutral or beige granite variation is often a more common choice than white as it offers a more neutral tone, and it incorporates browns, grays and blacks to give it added intensity. These variations in neutral granite give homeowners freedom and flexibility to go in a number of directions with decorative design and style changes. Neutral countertops work well with light, dark, and wood cabinets and also blend well with classic, traditional and country design styles. Neutral granite offers endless design opportunities in different color choices for walls as wells as for varying flooring selections.

Brown Granite


Brown granite has been and has become a more popular choice with homeowners as it reflects the rustic or country look that so many homeowners desire in first or even second homes. Brown countertops with variations in vein patterns bring a feeling of warmth to a kitchen space, and they blend with almost any color of cabinet whether the cabinetry is lighter, darker, stained or natural wood. Brown granite seems to bring out all of the richness in cabinets choices and creates a connection with whatever wood is represented.

Black Granite

Black granite countertops definitely create a dramatic look in a kitchen. They provide a sharp contrast to lighter and white cabinets in their nearly solid depth of color, with the inclusion of a smattering of silver flecks. When light reflects off black granite countertops, sparkle and shine are created that should not be wasted on dull or dark cabinetry. Use that gleam to highlight lighter cabinets and to create a clean, sleek contemporary look. Let black granite countertops become the main attraction of a kitchen area and you won’t regret the decorative effect that they have on your kitchen space.

Color Intense Granite

Color intense granite countertops, like red and green, can bring a jewel-tone and exotic look to a kitchen space. With the increase in color intensity, any coordinating cabinetry needs to be more muted in color as well as austere in style. A muted or more neutral colored cabinetry is the best choice with such rich colors as it will allow the countertops to stand out and become the focal point of a kitchen.

Making a definitive color choice with granite doesn’t have to be a complicated process, but it does need to be one that is carefully weighed as granite countertops are a long term investment. Fill out the easy contact form for further information on selecting the granite color that is perfect for your kitchen style and your personal needs. We will get back to you as soon as possible and help you make a color selection that will satisfy those needs.