Is Fantasy Brown A Marble Or A Quartzite?

When it comes time to choose a natural stone countertop, you have many options. If you are looking for an out-of-this-world selection for your home, make sure to take a look at Fantasy Brown. This natural stone is characterized by its striation of gray, white, warm beige, earthy brown, and gold colors. The dark and light colors create an organic appearance that mimics a waterfall. However, there is some debate about whether Fantasy Brown is marble or quartzite. With its patterns and colors, it can be difficult to classify this material. If you want to know the truth, keep reading to find the answer.

What Is Fantasy Brown?

Fantasy Brown is a type of marble, and it might be known as Brown Fantasy. Some of the other names include Canyon Dawn, Terra Bianca, or Mascavo. No matter the name, it is a stunning natural stone that everyone will want to have in their home. These natural stones are durable, like granite or quartzite.

If you are looking at the geological makeup of the stone, it features calcium carbonate, which classifies it as marble. It is a hard marble that hardly ever etches. While Fantasy Brown is technically a marble, it behaves like a quartzite stone. For that reason, people cannot believe that this stone is called a marble.

Most of these stones are composed of different mineral compositions. In some cases, certain marbles are harder than others. When choosing a material for your countertop, you need to consider more factors than just the geological term for the stone.

What Makes It a Marble?

As you already know, the geological composition of the Fantasy Brown classifies it as marble. All marble begins as a sedimentary limestone. When it is exposed to high heat and pressure over a period of time, the rock becomes metamorphic. There is a change in the stone’s composition, leaving behind white crystal patterns. As a result, the calcite in the limestone is recrystallized into a denser form, and marble is born.

All those swirls and colors found in the marble are due to the impurities from iron, clay, sand, and other materials that have made their way into the limestone. These impurities are strictly visual and have no impact on the quality of the stone. Those impurities in the rock just alter the patterns and colors in the marble.

While marble is beautiful, it is more susceptible to scratches over time. When it is exposed to acidic liquids, the calcium in the stone will react. That can lead to dreaded etching on your surfaces.

The Fantasy Brown is quarried in India. This marble undergoes a dolomitization process. There is a substantial amount of recrystallization at this stage. The minerals will alter into dolomite when all the water evaporates from the rock. With that, this marble is harder than those other types of marble on the market.

Why Is It Confused for a Quartzite?

Many people confuse Fantasy Brown for quartzite due to its durability. Like marble, quartzite is a sedimentary rock. It is formed when quartz and sandstone are formed under high amounts of pressure and heat. While marble is derived from limestone, quartzite is created when sandstone comes in contact with the forces of pressure and heat. The finished product of quartzite has a glassy surface, and it is often harder than marble.

For these reasons, many people think that the Fantasy Brown is actually quartzite. When you understand the composition of these stones, you will not confuse them. However, many homeowners and designers still refer to it as Fantasy Brown quartzite or quartz. You might even have heard someone call it a soft quartzite. In fact, there is no such product known by that name.

Why Is It Important To Know the Difference?

If you want to order the Fantasy Brown for your home, it is important to understand this type of stone for your countertops. When you see this stone advertised as quartzite or quartz, it can lead to some serious issues for the homeowner. While the Fantasy Brown is a durable marble, it is still not as hard as those other stones. Since it is a marble product, it is not indestructible. It can be damaged if you are not careful. Despite its hardness, you still want to treat this stone like any other type of marble. Treating this countertop material like a quartzite will only lead to long-term damages to your countertops.

Some designers might refer to Fantasy Brown as a “combo stone” since it combines soft calcite with hard quartzite. Depending on the specific quartzite ratio, the density can vary for this stone. When there is more quartzite in the rock, you can expect more durability in the product. This stone can perform in a variety of ways in your home. Plus, it gives a stunning appearance to any space. However, you still need to care for this stone like you would with any other type of natural product.

Fantasy Brown Is a Marble

Now the debate has ended. Fantasy Brown is clearly a marble stone. With this important distinction, homeowners will be able to adjust their expectations for the overall performance of this material. Yes, it is still a durable stone, but you need to maintain it to keep up that beautiful appearance throughout the years.

If you are drawn to the Fantasy Brown, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. This versatile marble is gorgeous, and it has all those robust features that make it resistant to most etching and other issues found in softer marbles. You cannot go wrong when you add this marble to your home.

Granite Companies Nearby?

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