Advantages Of Pental Quartz Surfaces

Using Pental quartz for your countertop surfaces has its advantages. They’re not only a durable material but they’re attractive and functional too. In the long run, what’s Pental quartz?


Pental Quartz

Pental quartz’s manufacturing origin is Brenton Spa in Italy. The latest technology efforts bring combinations of rocks and minerals together, which comprise 90 to 93% of quartz along with pigments, recycled resources, polymer resins, and filling materials, all of which are top quality. Pental quartz comes in many slab choices, colors, and thicknesses. It’s also a favorite of most homeowners because it resists:

  • stains
  •  scratches
  • and heat

Plus, Pental quartz is popular in today’s home designs and styles because it is

  • attractive
  • strong
  • and durable


Characteristics of Pental Quartz

Pental quartz gives you durability along with a sleek and gorgeous appearance. You’ll also avoid chips and scratches which make this type of quartz a seriously sought-after material.

It’s a material that’s easy to care for. Simply swish over the surface with a moistened cloth as often as possible. Pental quartz has a non-porous surface that is resistant to stains, and it doesn’t allow bacteria or viruses to reproduce. You can keep yourself and your family protected, plus you don’t sacrifice the lovely look of your surfaces, whether in the kitchen or bathroom. It’s an enduring material that gives unending design options.


Different Design Areas for Pental Quartz

You can use Pental Quartz in different ways in every part of your house. Contractors and homeowners like this kind of quartz because you can use it in various ways. From flooring to countertops to coverings for walls, Pental Quartz brings coverage to almost anything.

When you use Pental Quartz for kitchen countertops, you’re providing a surface that resists wear and tear. You can even add it to an island top to serve as a prep and an eating area. It works well as an interesting backsplash, as well. These areas, though different, bring a unified look to a kitchen.

With bathrooms, Pental Quartz makes a perfect vanity countertop with single or double sinks or you can incorporate it into a finished look around a tub area. Even a garden tub could benefit from a ledge around it, and so could a walk-in shower with surrounding walls in Pental Quartz. In fact, ask any representative of granite companies nearby and they’ll agree with the many uses for Pental Quartz.

Anywhere else in your home, Pental Quartz will make those surfaces more beautiful and functional, particularly if you decide to use it as a countertop for a bar. Its surface is great for making drinks or it could be a table area or accent wall in the back of the bar.


Pental Quartz Availability

There are Pental Quartz collections that are available for the spaces in your home that need a facelift. The selection in these collections is one reason for this quartz’s popularity. They offer many benefits and you can find a design for any space you choose. The collections include:

Natural Collection – If you’re looking for natural veining and color in Pental Quartz, this is the collection of choice. The colors go from white and beige to gray and black.

Classic Collection – Say you’re looking beyond the defined veining in a stone, you’ll discover more in the softness and shades of the Classic collection. The patterns have a more swirled appearance as opposed to stark veining.

Inspire Collection – With this collection, the quartz has a softer look with more defined patterning. It provides a dotted or speckled appearance that is available from sterile white to pure black. There are other selections in tans and browns to grays.

Bookmatched Collection – Another collection that features broad veining in a focused design, which brings a centerpiece look to the design. The cuts are such that the pattern creates a natural flow, but it’s not always a completely matched representation, as the quartz is a natural stone and the design is not going to always create a definite alignment.

Whatever collection you choose, the beauty and functionality of Pental Quartz still shine through and your selection will create surfaces throughout your home whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or some other area.


Advantages of Pental Quartz Surfaces

1. Pental Quartz is a high-quality surface material that is nonporous and is also scratch, heat, stain, and water-resistant.

2. Maintenance with Pental Quartz is minimal and when a countertop is consistently cared for, surfaces will remain in pristine condition for years to come.

3. Color options in Penal Quartz countertops are many, as it’s a moderate expense for anyone who plans to remodel a kitchen or some other area of their home.

4. The durability of its surface is such that resealing it isn’t necessary. Quartz countertops withstand any deterioration that includes oils or liquids that have spilled.

5. With a lack of porosity, there are fewer implications for sanitary or bacterial issues concerns with a quartz countertop.


Disadvantages of Pental Quartz Surfaces

1. Intense and direct heat can cause damage to the surface of a quartz countertop. Though quartz is resistant to heat when you place hot ovenware or an overly warm coffee pot on it, it will cause damage. You’ll need trivets or some kind of heating pad to avoid accidents.

2. Quartz can be expensive. Costs can go up to $100 per square foot. You may pay, depending on the measurements, $3,000 or more for any surface beyond 30 square feet.

3. There are limits on the type of sink you can use with quartz countertops. You’ll have to use a drop-in type sink, a tiled-edge sink, or an under-mount sink. Using the wrong sink can cause damage to the countertop. You may end up replacing the entire countertop.

Pental Quartz surfaces offer several advantages, but there are disadvantages as well. It’s still a quality non-porous material that is resistant to just about anything. If you still have questions concerning its use in your home, contact Marble Concepts at 215-396-7393. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.