Can You Put a Hot Pan on Quartz?

Choosing quartz as the material in your kitchen is an economically fantastic choice, as quartz kitchen countertops can last up to 15 years. Taking care of the quartz could allow your kitchens to last even longer, but can you put a hot pan on quartz? What is the best way to protect your countertop from heat and other damages?

Is A Quartz Countertop Heat Resistant?

Choosing to have a quartz countertop in your kitchen offers a huge list of benefits. Quartz countertops are in fact heat resistant meaning they are very safe to have in your kitchen. Even though quartz countertops are heat resistant, they can be damaged by heat visually.

Therefore, you can class quartz countertops as heat resistant but not heatproof. Quartz is made from a naturally occurring mineral and is composed of both silicon and oxygen, meaning it is tough and durable. This material means that it can be used safely in your kitchen as it is fire resistant. When you place a hot pot or pan on a quartz countertop it will not cause immediate damage but it should not be left there for a long period of time.

Why You Should Get A Heat Resident Countertop

Making sure that your kitchen countertop is heat resistant will improve the safety within your home. If your quartz kitchen countertop is heat resistant, it means that if there is any chance of a fire, the countertop will not catch alight. This is very important as most common house fires start within the kitchen and having a heat-resistant countertop will mean the fire is less likely to spread quickly. It is also more economically beneficial to choose a heat-resistant kitchen countertop as they will damage less and need repairing or placing less often.

Can You Put Hot Cooking Utensils On A Quartz Countertop?

The quick answer is no, you should aim to not place a hot pan on a quartz kitchen worktop as the heat from the pan will cause the quartz to burn. The resin that is in the quartz material can only withhold 150 degrees in heat before it reaches its maximum. Therefore, if you place a hot pan on the countertop the resin could burn and cause permanent aesthetic damage. The burns will show as dark marks or yellow stains.

How To Protect Your Quartz From Heat And Other Damage

Quartz kitchen worktops are robust and durable, therefore they will last you up to 15 years. Although, quartz material is sensitive to high heat and can be burnt if you place a hot item on top for too long. These burns will show in dark marks on your quartz countertop. It is best to keep protective items near your stove in order to make sure you do not accidentally place a hot pan on your quartz worktop. Here is a list of ways you can easily prevent your quartz countertop from heat damage and other aesthetic damage:

  • Use Protective Mats Under Hot Utensils
  • Clean food spillages straight away
  • Choose cleaning supplies carefully
  • Choose cleaning clothes carefully

1. Use Protective Mats Under Hot Utensils
Using protective mats and coasters under hot pans, plates and mugs will help prevent your quartz worktop from damage that could lead to you needing to replace the worktop. If you do place hot coffee mugs on your quartz counter, the heat from the mug can end up burning the quartz. These burns are not removable so prevention is key.

2. Clean food spillages straight away
It may be tempting to put off the cleaning and leave it until later on in the evening, or even the next day. Although, if you would like to maintain the pristine condition of your quartz worktop, you will need to attend to all spillages straight away. This applies especially with food spillages as the dirty marks can seep into the quartz. These marks can be removed depending on what the stain is. Substances such as coffee and oil can create larger stains that are harder to remove.

3. Choose cleaning supplies carefully
Quartz is a very durable material to use in your kitchen but it does have sensitivities to some kinds of chemicals, especially certain chemicals that are in cleaning products. Chemicals such as bleach are not the ideal cleaning product to use when you are maintaining your quartz countertop as they may create yellow marks. The best cleaner to use is simple warm soapy water as this is a less harsh cleaning method.

4. Choose cleaning clothes carefully
Just like above, there are certain types of cleaning clothes just like cleaning products that you should avoid using when you are maintaining your quartz kitchen counter. If you decide to use an abrasive cloth such as a scour or scrubber, this may create scratches on your quartz worktop that can not be fixed. It is always best to use a soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth when you are cleaning your quartz worktop to make sure that you do not scratch the top layer of quartz.

Avoiding Placing Hot Pans To Protect Your Quartz Kitchen Worktop

A quartz kitchen countertop is one of the most durable and solid materials to use in your kitchen. To keep your quartz kitchen countertop looking pristine you should avoid placing hot materials on top of it for too long. Taking care of the quartz will help your worktop to look as if it has just been fitted. Call in Marble Concepts to cut and install your stunning quartz countertops today. Get your kitchen or bathrooms renovated with quartz today. Give us a call at 215-396-7393 today to learn more.