Can Small Bathrooms Look Luxurious?

Even though you may have a small bathroom area, you can make the space look luxurious without having to go through an expensive and time-consuming renovation. You can easily create elegance through any number of creative ideas. Here are a few ways to move your small bathroom towards a more luxurious look.

Color Schemes and Accessories


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Painting a small bathroom in just the right color or colors does wonders for a small space. Color can transform a small area while leaving your budget intact. Today’s paint colors truly add richness, light, and texture to a compact bathroom area. Sought after colors that exude elegance, serenity and luxury include:

Grays – The many shades of gray, particularly greige (gray plus beige) soothe and soften. Gray graces the walls of both large and small bathrooms and brings a rich warmth to any space. The magic with gray is the pairing of it with other shades of gray, which can be done and still look uniform. It’s a wonderful color to pair with wood vanities, darker gray floors, fixtures in brushed silver, mercury glass vases, elongated mirrors, and white towels rolled and tucked away in cabinet openings.

Neutrals – Any time you use neutral paint colors you’re creating an atmosphere of openness, pristine comfort and elegance. A neutral paint choice in a small bathroom compliments white cabinets, white faux marble countertops, and neutral flooring. Accessories can further enrich the space through thick white towels arranged in baskets and white or neutral floor rugs strategically placed on the flooring or rolled in standing containers.

Spa Blues – Ah, the soothing nature of blue on blue can bring the sea to your small bathroom without overwhelming it. Layering different shades of blue as a one-color theme is one way to add texture to a smaller area without overwhelming it. Blue is relaxing, calming and soothing and is reminiscent of the atmosphere of a spa. Accessorizing can enlarge a bathroom when using lighter shades of blue for cabinets, vanities, and windows. Clean and sleek metal toned items, glass decanters, fluffy towels, and flowers can further emphasize the spa experience. If you’re looking for a one-color scheme, get some paint strip samples of your favorite blue that goes from dark to light.


Lighting is one of the easiest ways to bring a luxurious softness and extended feeling to a small bathroom. Hundreds of different fixture choices can quickly change the atmosphere of a bathroom and trends Think out of the box. Rather than using traditional vanity or mirror lights, select pendant lighting or sconces in striking metal tones or clear crystal for elegance. Place them above vanity mirrors or use a larger and artistically styled crystal flush-mount chandelier placed towards the center of the ceiling to give an overall lighting impact and eye-catching experience.

Outdoor Incorporation

Incorporating the outdoors is another way to add elegance to a smaller bathroom. Bring in smaller or larger decorative potted plants, real or faux, to add a green touch to a tub, shower or sink area. Wall planters with lush greenery will work as well. Use an outdoor mosaic table with a plant design or place a plant on it next to a bathtub area. Add a modular glass vase filled with a polished rock if you don’t use a plant. An architectural metal wall piece or painting in a flower or plant design is one other way to incorporate an outdoor feeling. Light and airy window treatments in gauze curtains, wooden paper or bamboo blinds can allow natural light to bathe a bathroom area without compromising privacy. An outdoor-friendly bathroom environment can be both elegant and incorporate a sense of harmony with the outdoors.


Flooring choices can instantly enhance and bring light, life, and luxury to a small bathroom. Light-colored flooring will create space and openness in a small space and elegance. Larger tiles are more productive for a smaller space as they give the area an even flow as opposed to the smaller tile that breaks the flow and makes the space appear smaller. Placing flooring in a diagonal or herringbone pattern also brings warmth and a lush appearance to a floor. Tiling choices in ceramic, porcelain, marble, stone, wood, vinyl plank and laminates that mimic most any kind of flooring can add luxury without spending a fortune.


The right mirror or series of larger mirrors can add the look of elegance and space to a smaller bathroom. The light that is reflected from a mirror will open up a small area and bring a feeling of spaciousness and luxury. A larger round and frame-less mirror over a sink or vanity add luxury as do arched mirror. Longer rectangular mirrors on a bathroom wall will create a grand entrance to a smaller bathroom. The key to luxury is the shape and style of a mirror. Cleaner lines will give the illusion of largeness and luxury.

Faucet Sink and Shower Fixtures

New bathroom faucet and shower fixtures can almost instantaneously transform a small bathroom from blah to lavish. Sleek designs in brushed nickel, gold-tones, brass, bronze, copper, black, chrome and designer finishes can enhance a sink or shower while adding warmth and luxury. Metal is back on the bathroom scene but you want to make sure that the shade you choose is elegant rather than gaudy or glaring. Do some sampling to determine what will work best with your sink, vanity, shower and tub area.

A small bathroom can look luxurious, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort or expense to create an elegant impression that is both pleasing and budget-friendly. Using paint, accessories, lighting, light flooring, outdoor adaptations, mirrors, and new fixtures are good starters but if you want more information on luxurious looks, complete the online contact form and an expert will get back to you with the information you need to better help you decide what can work in your small bathroom.