How To Clean Dekton Countertops

The wonder of wonders, what is Dekton? Is it just another revolutionary development in the world of work surfaces? That it is, as Dekton is an extraordinary blend of various raw materials used in glass, porcelain and quartz surfaces. Dekton is characterized as sintered stone, which sets it aside from the content of other solid stone surfaces. It is unique in its consistency and can mimic natural stone.

Dekton’s Special Characteristics

Special characteristics of sintered stone offer features that are not found with other solid stone materials. Those features include:

  • Exceptionally usable material
  • Highly resistant to heat
  • Substantive resistance to scratches and stains
  • Extreme strength and density
  • Stability with ultra-violet (UV) exposure
  • No color fading or loss of original appearance
  • Withstands placement of cookware, coffee makers and other electrical appliances on its surface after use
  • Withstands cleaning from a variety of cleaning agents that include chemically based products, solvents, acids, oxidizers and detergents (alkaline)
  • Does not require surface polishing

Where Dekton is Used

Dekton is used on both interior and exterior surfaces. It can be found in residential kitchen and bathroom countertops as well as on business counters, bars and other work surfaces.

Cleaning Dekton Countertops

Dekton is a non-porous material, which makes it highly resistant to stains from liquids, food debris, and other non-food elements. Everyday cleaning and more involved cleaning entails the use of different kinds of products for various stains. For more normal and general cleaning, a simple neutral soap along with water will work. For more aggressive stains, cleaning will involve the use of specific types of products such as solvents or cream-based products that contain abrasive particles that help lift away certain stains.

There are any number of professionally formulated cleaning products that are associated with Dekton countertops. They can, of course, be used for cleaning most any Dekton material.

Before cleaning any Dekton surface or sintered stone, consider the stain and its cause. Once you know the origin of the stain, you can use the recommended treatment. Here is a summarized listing of the type of cleaner and what stains they alleviate:

  • Detergents (Alkaline) = grease and oil stains, wine, ice cream, and coffee
  • Solvents = ink, tire rubber, resin, nail/varnish, candle wax, asphalt, epoxy adhesive, grouting, tar, nicotine, grease, and oil
  • Acid = rust, limescale, surplus cement, wine, and coffee
  • Oxidant = fruit juices, coke/cola products, and nicotine

Product Breakdown

  • Acid cleaning products usually include low pH or descaling products
  • Alkaline cleaning products include basic detergents, multi-purpose cleaners, and ammonia
  • Solvents include products such as turpentine, acetone, and alcohol
  • Oxidants include products such as hydrogen peroxide and diluted bleach.


With any countertop surface, including Dekton, there are precautions that should be followed to protect it. The following safeguards should be followed:

Do not expose a Dekton area to high sources of heat, fire or flame such as:

  • fireplaces
  • barbecues
  • chimneys
  • open griddles
  • Avoid the use metal scrubbing pads on the surface
  • Avoid continual and direct contact with metallic parts such as cook tops, griddles, ovens, barbecues and continuous radiant heat
  • Avoid performing mechanical type work on a Dekton countertop surface – (no type of polishing action should be performed)
  • Avoid hitting or knocking against exposed areas of Dekton such as edges, corners, and bevels of a countertop

Extraordinary Countertop Material

Dekton is an extraordinary countertop material that is easy to clean and maintain. Its non-porous and densely compact surface allows for use in both interior and exterior instances, and it can be easily cleaned with most any type of cleaning product. As with any countertop material, there are precautions and safeguards to follow, but you can be assured that Dekton will remain a stable and finely crafted countertop material for years to come. It can withstand the rigors of everyday use and is an excellent choice for kitchen counterops, or work spaces outside of the kitchen.

There is no doubt that Dekton is the wave of the future in countertop and worktop use. You may have added questions about caring for Dekton countertops, or you might want to consider them for your own kitchen or work area. If you want further information, simply fill out the online contact form and a Dekton expert will get back to you with the information you need to make an informed decision about this amazing material.