How to Survive Without a Kitchen During a Remodel

Remodeling the kitchen in your home is no doubt an exciting time. You may be getting some new granite or marble countertops and flooring. Perhaps you completely revamped the design to make room for more cooking space. Amid all the excitement, however, you may forget that the remodeling process can take a long while, depending on the size of your project. Since you don’t want to end up microwaving ramen noodles for several nights, here are some tips on how to survive without a kitchen during a remodel.

Let’s get started.

Establish The Routine Before The Remodel

Whether you are getting a new set of appliances, floor, or granite countertops, it is important to talk to the other members of your family—including children—to let them know what is happening. By establishing a routine and making everyone aware of the changes taking place, you can make the time spent without a kitchen during a remodel easier to tolerate. For example, if you plan on setting up a makeshift kitchen, start setting up some appliances a few days in advance.

That way, everyone is already used to using the space, and it won’t seem so jarring when the actual kitchen is unusable for a time.

Designate Another Eating Space in Your Home

Prior to the kitchen being gutted for the remodel, consider designating another place in your home where you and your family can sit down for snacks or a meal. The living room or a finished basement is always a good choice. If the space has a sink, that is all the better. For the time being, take some of the more mobile appliances, such as the microwave, air fryer, and toaster into the room. You can also invest in a small refrigerator or freezer to keep some items cool if you don’t have one.

This will help you keep some semblance of normalcy, even when the kitchen itself seems like it has exploded.

Take a Break and Eat Out

If you are doing some of the remodeling processes yourself, it may be time to lay down the hammers and treat yourself to a decent meal out. Of course, going to a restaurant every night during the remodel can be hard on your stomach and wallet, so consider it a celebration. You’re getting a new kitchen? Why not clink some champagne flutes together and enjoy a night where you don’t have to cook? Because you are going to want to spend a lot more time in your home’s kitchen once the remodel is complete.

Also, let us not overlook the fact that you might bring home some leftovers. Those can be your lunch or dinner the following day, which will save you some time.

Invest in Campsite Stove or Grill

Backyard camping, anyone? One of the best appliances you can have when remodeling is a campsite stovetop—one with a single or double gas burner—or a grill. You can then make quick skillet meals or grill up some chicken, burgers, and hot dogs for yourself and the kids. Grills make life easy because you can make just about anything on them anymore. Plus, you do not need a massive grilling space like those of the Iron Chefs. A small charcoal grill is more than enough to whip up something delicious during the remodel.

In the event you don’t have enough space in your backyard, why not ask a neighbor or a friend to use their kitchen? Most people will accept if you offer to cook them dinner, too!

Set Aside The Right Tools and Utensils

On the eve of the remodel, make sure you have everything you might need set aside, including plastic wrap, storage containers, sandwich bags, and aluminum foil. For the time being, you might consider some disposable utensils, so that you don’t have to wash anything in the sink. This is especially important if your only kitchen sink is going to be gone for a few days. It is not recommended that you clean anything in the bathroom sink unless you have a cover of the drain to catch food particles.

Ready-to-eat items, including breakfast cereal bars, peanuts and trail mix, jellies, pre-sliced bread, and other quick snacks are ideal.

Meal Prep Before The Kitchen Remodel

If you have never considered meal-prepping for the week, now may be the time to give it a try. Before the kitchen remodeling starts, whip up some meals that are easy enough to freeze or refrigerate and eat later. For example, you can make crock-pot meals, such as soups or chili, and freeze those for later. Many items, such as steamed vegetables, sauteed chicken, rice, and even many fruits can be put in the freezer and thawed out when you wish to use them.

Plan out exactly what you plan on making, go grocery shopping, and spend a few hours cooking, and you will have enough food to last you the week.

Remodel Your Kitchen With Marble Concepts

Want to know how to survive without a kitchen during a remodel? Prepare! Temporary cooking spaces, grilling, picnics, and going out to eat are all viable options. Living without a kitchen for even a couple of days can be challenging, but when you have planned ahead and set up a space where you can still brew up some coffee or sit down to eat a snack, the remodel will seem much less chaotic. At Marble Concepts, we pride ourselves on the quick and efficient installation of stone countertops. If you want to make your remodel all the more special with a new countertop, give us a call today at 215-396-7393.