Quartz Countertops From Cambria

In spite of the fact that Cambria quartz has been around for a relatively brief period of time, the company’s association with quartz countertop products is well known. Cambria is a family-owned company based in Minnesota and all of its countertop products are exclusively produced in the United States. The company is a top leader among quartz brands nationwide. Cambria quartz is a natural substance made from quartz crystals that are combined with pigments and resins to produce a material as close as possible to natural stone. Production of Cambria quartz is eco-friendly and manufactured under safe practices. Cambria countertop and other surface choices have advantages and there are reasons Cambria quartz countertops remain a leading and top-of-the-line product.


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Advantages of Cambria Quartz Countertops

Durability and Strength

Cambria is more durable because it is harder in comparison to granite and marble. With this kind of durability and strength, Cambria will remain relatively free of scratches and chips for years to come, plus it tolerates overhangs well while granite and marble require supports. Though Cambria is at the higher end in cost, its enduring quality makes for savings in the long run.

Nonporous, Nonabsorbent and Hygienic

Since Cambria is a nonporous material as well as a nonabsorbent one, there won’t be problems with it taking in moisture from raw food or food debris. Its nonporous surface is also resistant to bacteria so countertop surfaces throughout a home are going to remain hygienic and safe without the threat of contamination or health risks.

Low Maintenance and Stain Resistant

The nonporous nature of Cambria makes it resistant to stains, and with that comes limited maintenance. When dealing with granite and marble, sealing, and polishing is a given. Maintaining Cambria requires a little warm water and a soft cotton cloth. A mild soap can be used but isn’t necessary unless you’re into using a sudsy cleaning product designed for quartz.


Cambria is beautifully crafted by meticulous artisans and they follow their craft with perfection and dedication in mind. Quality is what Cambria is all about and if a homeowner is dissatisfied, Cambria offers a lifetime warranty that is transferable.

Sustainable Product

Since Cambria sources quartz through its own mine, sustainability is maintained, and any water used to polish the quartz is recycled, which saves billions of gallons every year. The production process is environmentally safe and one that brings assurance to those using Cambria in their homes and businesses. Cambria quartz also hold s GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality certification.

Innovative Designs

The beauty of Cambria is unquestionable and there is little that can compare to the styles and innovative surface design selections available for countertop use. The aesthetics of Cambria are unmatched and enhance nearly every area of a home whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, or another area.

Designs Offered

Cambria offers series choices and broad, state-of-the-art design palettes as well as high gloss and Cambria Matte finishes. Both finishes are extremely durable, maintenance-free, and stain-resistant.

Series Choices

  • Luxury
  • Signature
  • Classic


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Design Palettes

Palettes range from classics to trendsetting modern and contemporary designs. The color selections are innumerable (126) and coordinate with most any decor and individual taste. Samples can be ordered through Cambria. Some of Cambria’s most popular quartz designs and colors include:

  • Brittanica – similar to the look of marble with a white background, gray veining, and striations
  • Summerhill – another marble look with a white base and thicker and darker gray streaks and swirls
  • Torquay – contains a white base with a more updated gray marbled look
  • Berwyn – contains earth tone colors of taupe, beige, cream and gold all blended in a marble look

Types of Cambria Quartz

There are different types of Cambria quartz that contain varying categories of color. The broader types include:

  • White quartz – Offers a clean and light feeling
  • Black quartz – Offers a deep, rich and heavy appeal
  • Medium tone quartz – Offers selections in browns, grays, beiges and more neutral tones


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Pros and Cons of Cambria Quartz

There are few, if any, negatives with Cambria quartz and the positives certainly outweigh what might be perceived as negative.


  • higher density than regular quartz
  • virtually impenetrable
  • extremely durable
  • environmentally friendly
  • sustainable production
  • American made
  • long-lasting
  • lifetime warranty
  • stain, crack and chip resistant
  • certified safe for food prep
  • air quality certified


  • could be subject to chipping
  • direct heat placement needs to be avoided (could cause melting or cracking)
  • colliding or running into quartz could cause damage
  • maybe more costly than other materials depending on the slab purity, veining, colors, and mineral content

There are many advantages to quart countertops from Cambria and you may just want to investigate what Cambria quartz offers. If you want to know more about available countertop selections, complete the online contact form and a quartz countertop expert will get back to you with the information you need to decide whether Cambria is the right countertop choice for your kitchen, bathroom or other surfaces in your home.