The Best Uses For Limestone In Bathrooms

Limestone is a natural material of unique appearance that’s appealing for any bathroom space. It’s a neutral stone that is both calming and soothing to the senses. The upkeep of limestone is negligible and its durability is endless. Patterning options make color matching easy. With all the positive attributes of this stone, what are the best uses for it in today’s bathrooms?

Exceptional Beauty

Limestone improves a space on its decorative merits. The texture of the tile is beautiful through natural mineral deposits that reveal themselves on the tile’s surface. Limestone is used for interior or exterior use and provides a finish that enhances any bathroom area. Its natural color is one thing that remains in style.

Variety of Colors

Though its natural color is aesthetically pleasing, limestone is available in a wide range of lighter shades. Customers usually prefer lighter colors, as they blend more easily into the design of a bathroom or kitchen. There are pastels shades in ivory, blue, gray, and beige, and darker shades in reddish colors and even black, and that’s because of the high content of organic materials in the stone. Shades of yellow and brown are other colors that are the result of iron oxide accumulation in the stone. Any of these color choices offer a warm and clean look. As limestone is an old stone that was originally used in castles, you can imagine and see the ambiance it creates, which makes limestone unmatched compared to other older natural stones.

Limestone Finishes

Besides colors, limestone is available in many finishes that accommodate the best use of limestone in bathrooms. With the high demand for various styles and designs in bathrooms today, different finishes and patterns are part of that need. Finishes include:

  • Polished limestone’s bright and shining surface fits well with bathroom walls and floors.
  • Honed limestone produces a duller more matte-like finish. Matte finishes are popular with home decor enthusiasts as the finish eliminates slipperiness. The color remains consistent despite the honed finish.
  • Tumbled limestone is a mix of limestone and other stones. The edges and corners of this tile have a somewhat round shape to them. It gives the stone an older, more vintage look and coordinates well with outdoor applications. This is a limestone choice for those who favor a more traditional and vintage design style.
  • Brushed limestone is a simple and subtly colored tile. Using wire brushes on the tile brings a totally matte look to them. They are best used through exterior applications as the tiles lack a more finished look.

Limestone Patterning

Whatever your choice in patterning is, you can achieve it with one of many limestone patterns detailed here.

  •  Regular Pattern Floor patterns are common for bathroom designs and even kitchen and bedroom styles. You get a consistent look across an area that enlarges the floor and makes the room appear bigger.
  • Spiral pattern designs apply to homes with modern interiors. A spiral pattern in a room creates an edgy look. You can create a pattern on a backsplash, a floor, or a wall accent.
  • Herringbone patterns are good for kitchen and bathroom wall designs. They enhance cabinets and other areas of both kitchens and bathrooms.
  • French patterns bring the look of the country into a home. They provide a flattering look and add to the atmosphere of a French country home. Entrances can benefit from the use of French patterns.
  • Antique patterns are comparable to French patterns. They enhance the rustic style in homes and provide a look of comfort to an area and create added value to the overall design.

Custom Sizing

Limestone is an easily carved stone, as it’s flexible enough to measure and cut it to any size, which makes it adaptable to almost any area of a home. Whether it’s larger geometric floor designs, smaller floor tiles, planks, or mosaic patterns formed from smaller pieces of limestone, it accommodates almost any configuration. Customers can easily create unique designs with limestone and that’s why so many people gravitate towards limestone tiles. This is attainable because of the pliability of the stone.

Limestone Costs

Installing limestone is cheaper compared to using marble and granite. Ask any granite companies nearby where you live and you’ll see the savings you accrue by using limestone, particularly if you’re on a tight budget. You can still achieve a rustic and natural appeal with limestone that you find with more expensive natural stone materials. Limestone brings a look of sophistication plus it’s appealing to the senses.

Limestone’s Durability

With limestone’s high concentration of minerals, the tiles that come from it are extremely durable. Limestone is also resistant to bacteria and mold, which is a real plus in any bathroom, particularly with the buildup of moisture in bath and shower areas. Limestone proves itself to be enduring when you maintain it and properly seal the tiles. That’s one reason its popularity is on the increase.

Though not as hard as other stones, limestone is still an excellent choice for flooring and other areas on the interior or exterior of a home. Compared to porcelain, wood, and vinyl, it’s a strong and appealing stone. It also works well for bathroom floor tiles, walls and patios, pool coping, and backsplashes.

Environmentally Safe

Limestone is an environmentally friendly and safe material. With the concern over preserving the environment, limestone is a natural material that conforms to environmental standards. The manufacturing of limestone is a quick process compared to synthetic tile production. With synthetic tiles, you have more consumption of fuel and additional waste products going into the environment, whereas limestone doesn’t require added time in its processing. Conserving energy and preserving the environment make limestone a preferred material for bathrooms today.

Is Limestone Your Answer?

If you want a creative and elegant yet rustic look in your bathroom, limestone is the answer to your tile needs. The best uses for limestone are not just in bathrooms but other spaces that can benefit from its many valuable features. The trends in home design are moving towards the use of limestone as homeowners, interior designers and others discover the look of old-world flavor. With the lower cost of limestone, it serves as an affordable way for those who desire and look for less expensive options. With limestone, you discover a classic, tasteful and practical way to bring elegance to your home.

When you decide to use limestone in your bathroom space or any other area of your home but aren’t sure how to proceed without help or just have general questions about the use of limestone, contact us at 215-396-7393. We are experts on limestone and how to use it to enhance bathrooms and other areas of your home.