Must Haves in Your Master Suite Bathroom Remodel

When it is time to either remodel or create a master suite bathroom, you may be overwhelmed by the many choices you may have to make. Today’s bathrooms are not like the bathrooms of our youth when bathrooms consisted of a toilet, tub, and sink. There are many options available now that can make your master suite bathroom a place of solitude, create a spa-like atmosphere or simply add some conveniences you may not have thought of before. Marble Concepts offers these must-haves for any master suite bathroom.

Choose Grout-free Options

Tile is still very popular in bathrooms, but it is important to remember that grout surrounding tile can grow mildew and mold. One new trend in bathroom design is concrete accents rather than tile. Another is corrugated metal accents surrounding the shower. However, you will need to treat any metal options to avoid rust and to keep them clean.

Double Undermounted Sinks

Designers unanimously agree that most couples prefer having two sinks in the bathroom. Two sinks eliminate the “you are in my way” conversation every morning before work and provides additional counter space. It can also eliminate the arguments regarding toothpaste lids and makeup brushes. Adding an under-mount sink also makes cleaning the countertop much easier. Just keep in mind that you will need to use a waterproof countertop, such as natural stone or concrete. However, choosing natural stone or concrete counters may actually benefit you in another way as they are resistant to staining.

Glassless Curbless Shower

Although glass doors surrounding a shower can give your bathroom a spa-like feel, consider creating a shower similar to those found in other countries – one with no door at all. You can create a barrier that keeps water from running out onto the floor of the bathroom. If you and your spouse are getting older, having a shower that is level with the floor may make it safer for you to use. Keep in mind that curbless showers require all the plumbing to be under the floor, so you will need to be sure this is possible in your home.

Built-In Soap Dispenser and Touchless Faucet

Many people prefer not to touch several knobs when they visit a bathroom. You can install a bathroom faucet with one handle, but today, there are touchless options available so all you have to do is wave your hand over the faucet to start the water. You can also install a built-in soap dispenser that attaches to a large bottle of antiseptic soap, preventing you from having to refill the soap dispenser as often.

Closet Space

If possible, create a closet space that is close to your bathroom. It is a huge time saver to step out of the shower and into the closet to choose what you plan to wear. If you have room for a walk-in closet, this could provide you with a dressing area as well. Be sure that you add excellent ventilation, especially if your clothing will be in close proximity as mold and mildew could damage them.

Heated Flooring

Another new trend in bathrooms is the installation of radiant heat flooring. This is especially popular in areas where the weather tends to remain warm all year but there may be periods of cool mornings or evenings where you want your bathroom to be warm. Radiant floor heating can be costly but over time can actually save you on your energy bills. While you are at it, consider installing heated towel racks. If you live in a cold climate, grabbing a warm, heated towel after your shower will be a luxury you will wonder how you managed to live without.

Proper Lighting

Of all the rooms in your home, your bathroom is the one that needs the best lighting. You want lighting that mimics natural sunlight as well as some that is similar to harsher fluorescents, especially if you work outside the home where fluorescent lighting is prevalent. Lighting over the sinks as well as good lighting in the shower are important. You can choose a few wall sconces and an overhead light with more than one brightness to achieve these goals.

Soaking Tub

If you have decided to install a shower stall in your bathroom, you may also want a soaking tub for those days when you just want to relax and get away from the world. There are many options for tubs, from free-standing to sunken whirlpool tubs. Even if your bathroom is small, you may be able to find a tub that will work with your shower.

Wall Mounted Toilet

If your bathroom is small, a wall-mounted toilet can free up a little bit of space. It is also much easier to keep the area around the toilet clean if it is mounted on the wall. An access panel to get to the plumbing will be necessary. To keep the bathroom from looking institutional, consider adding warm accents around the toilet, like natural wood walls or warm paint color.

Water Closet

Popular in Europe, Australia, and Japan, a water closet is a great addition to your bathroom. A water closet is simply a closet in your bathroom where the toilet sits. You can add a pocket or sliding door that allows for privacy while the water closet is in use, but the rest of the bathroom is still available should someone need to use it.

Above all, you want to create a master suite bathroom that shows your personality. Be creative when you choose your décor. Each time you walk into the bathroom, you want to feel comfortable and at home. Adding eclectic touches that are all your own is the best way to create a bathroom space that is warm, comforting and a place where you can escape. If you are considering a master suite bathroom remodel, contact Marble Concepts today to see how we can help. You can contact us by filling out the easy online form or by calling us at 215-396-7393 to arrange for a no-obligation consultation.