Top Marble Cleaning Products

If you have marble anywhere in your home, particularly in the kitchen or bathroom areas, you know it has the kind of surface that requires special care in order for it to remain in immaculate condition.

Cleaning marble can be worrisome, especially for those new to its care. It is essential to avoid every day, harsh cleaners, and it is equally important to look into cleaning routines and products that will clean and protect marble effectively and efficiently. When the right products are used and directions followed, marble surfaces should last indefinitely.

Top Marble Cleaning Products

Here are a few of the top marble cleaning products, both name brand and natural, that have been proven to be beneficial when caring for marble.

– Stone Care Countertop Cleaner

This marble and granite cleaning spray is good for daily cleaning. It dries streak free and optimizes brightening. It can be used on both kitchen and bathroom countertops. It is completely safe for marble and natural stone.

– SCI Clean Encounters Countertop Cleaner

SCI ( Stone Care International) countertop cleaner is a convenient spray that both cleans and degreases. It can be used on marble, granite and quartz surfaces, and is safe for all natural stone surfaces. It is particularly useful on an everyday basis. Rinsing is not required and there is no residual film, smearing streaking or buildup, plus a nice sheen remains on the surface. It is safe for kitchen use and is easy to use, with no added buffing.

– Black Diamond Marble & Tile Floor Cleaner

Black Diamond is a deep cleaner that is streak free as well as safe for marble and all natural stone products, including ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles. It is environmentally friendly as well as biodegradable. It is a concentrated product so little it needed when mixed with water. Black Diamond is also excellent for use on flooring.

– Castile Soap

Castile soap is mild and is an excellent more natural choice for cleaning marble. Organic varieties are best used as they are free of additives and fragrances. Simply use a teaspoon in a spray bottle with water. Shake it and spray it on the marble. Wipe it with a damp cloth and further buff it out with a chamois cloth once the area is dry.

– Rubbing Alcohol/Isopropyl 99%

Rubbing alcohol is another more natural and less expensive way to clean marble or other natural stone surfaces. Mix about 16 ounces of water and approximately 1/8 cup of rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the marble surface and use a white cloth to wipe the area clean. A chamois cloth can also be used to buff out the surface.

Beneficial Tips

  • Do not use cleaners such as ammonia, vinegar or bleach as these products will etch marble, which equates to discoloration, dullness, spots, streaks and rings that will likely be left on the marble’s surface.
  • Do not use popular everyday cleaners like Lysol, Tilex, Windex, Lime Away, CLR and almost every other household cleaner, as they are simply too harsh for use on marble and they, too, can etch and damage the surface of the marble.
  • Do not use bristly pads or abrasive cleaners on marble. Either one will scratch the marble’s surface.
  • Try to avoid general (off the shelf) cleaners that are labeled for use with marble. Many times these more generic cleaners are ineffective.

If you are thinking about utilizing marble in your home, or you have inherited a marble kitchen or bathroom, there are definitely positive ways to keep those surface areas in prime condition. It comes down to utilizing the right products whether they are name brand or do-it-yourself. You can spare yourself the possibility of damage by steering clear of harsh cleaning products from the grocery or home store.

Cleaning marble doesn’t have to be an annoyance or experiment when you use effective products. If you are still unsure as to how to really clean marble, complete the online contact form and a representative will get back to you with suggestions for properly cleaning your marble.