What Are Cobblestones?

If you have ever wandered the streets of historic towns or walked down a path in a quiet garden, it is highly likely you walked on cobblestones. The stones are the most popular stone used in landscaping due to their versatility and attractiveness. However, most people are not aware of what cobblestones actually are.

What Are Cobblestones?

Cobbles are stones that have been rounded and have been used traditionally for paths. Most cobbles are between two and ten inches in diameter and are often created from river rocks. Running water in rivers wear away the edges of the stone, creating the round edges that are so familiar in cobblestones. The name of the stone comes from the English word “cob” meaning something that is round or lumpy. The stones have been used for centuries as they were better than dirt paths used before asphalt was invented. Although it may seem that the rough tones were not a better option than dirt by today’s standards, the fact is they kept roads passable when it rained. It also kept dust at bay during dry periods which made it difficult to see.

Setting Cobblestones

Cobblestones are often set into a layer of sand and bound with mortar. Today, cobblestones are used as a decorative accent as they are difficult to maintain and the bumps can cause wear and tear on modern vehicles. However, they do add an old-world charm to paths and even buildings. Cobblestones can also be used on fireplace hearths, walls and exteriors of buildings. Although most cobblestones have rounded edges, they can also be rectangular or square yet still keep their rounded shape.

Choosing Cobblestones

If you are considering cobblestones for a path, retaining wall or fireplace, there are many options. It is possible you could find antique cobblestones that have been reclaimed from old buildings, although they are often very expensive. New cobblestones are also available and you can choose from a wide variety of colors. This allows you to use varying colors to create patterns with the stones. Cobblestones are the perfect option if you want to create an old-world look or add a bit of quaintness to your landscaping.

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