What Are the Ugliest Colors to Paint Your Home?

Although color choices are a matter of personal taste, research has shown that the human brain reacts to color in specific ways. Although you may find a color appealing, there are certain shades that the average person will find unattractive. In fact, the Australian government recently released the results of a survey to determine a color that people dislike the most. The choice was a specific shade of greenish brown known as Pantone 448C. In fact, the color was so distasteful, Australia is now using it to keep people from smoking.

Why the Dislike

Researchers determined that the human brain processes the blend of colors in Pantone 448C in a negative way. When people viewed the color, they felt lifeless and depressed. Some even reported that the color put them in a bad mood. Therefore, when you are choosing to paint your home, you may want to avoid this particular shade. Pantone 448C is not the only color that you should avoid when choosing paint colors.


Peach is a beautiful color in flowers, as a clothing option or on a dinner plate, but peach walls are a thing of the past. The color was very popular in the 1960s but by the next decade had fallen out of fashion. Peach walls make your home look dated and it is a very difficult color to match when you are choosing other accent pieces in your home. People also report that being surrounded by peach makes them feel overwhelmed and depressed.

Bright Orange or Yellow

Although splashes of bright colors like orange and yellow can bring cheerfulness to a room, an entire room painted such bright colors can be overwhelming. Despite the fact that orange and yellow are shades of the sun, they both have drawbacks when an entire room is painted that shade. Orange is very hard to work into a design while yellow is extremely overpowering. Light shades of yellow, like buttery tones, can be calming, but bright yellow can make people feel nervous and anxious, especially when it is used in a large room.

Red and Coral

Research shows that red can be anger-inducing and lead to aggressive behavior. In an effort to reduce some of those feelings, some people choose a red coral with pink blended into the red to tone it down. However, the coral color gives your room a neon intensity that is often off-putting. Deep reds are perfect for accents like doors, but you should avoid using reds to paint entire rooms.

Pastel Colors

Pastels should be avoided in all shades as they are too soft to lift the mood of a room. Pastel pink appears dusty on walls, giving the room a dull and lifeless feeling. If you like pastel colors, consider painting the walls a soft gray with a hint of beige using pastel colors for accents. Gray and beige are neutral colors so if your color tastes change, you can add brighter accent colors in the room without the need to repaint.

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