What Is The Strongest Natural Stone?

When you are searching for a material to use in your home, you want to find a durable product. Some of these stones are immune to all the rigors of daily wear and tear. There are plenty of natural stones in the marketplace that would make an excellent choice for your countertops. If you are searching for a natural stone, there are several choices. With this guide, you will find the strongest natural stone for your home.

Why Choose a Natural Stone?

Those regular duties in your kitchen can wear down your countertop surfaces. For that reason, you might want to choose a natural stone countertop. Granite is one of the top choices. It can hold up to cold and heat. In addition to that, this stone does not scratch as easily as other materials. When you properly care for it, granite will look fabulous for many years to come.

While most natural stones are less likely to suffer damage than those synthetic countertops, some stones are more durable than others. If you want to have a long-lasting stone, you will need to look into a few options. One way to find the hardest stone for your countertop is to use the Mohs scale.

Understanding the Mohs Scale

If you want to determine the hardness of any type of natural mineral, you should consult the Mohs scale. This measurement scale will rank the hardness of a mineral on a scale of 1 to 10. You might have already known, but the diamond is the hardest mineral in the world. It ranks at a 10 on the Mohs scale. Located on the opposite end of the scale at number 1, you will find talc.

For those kitchen areas, you want to have the hardest and most durable material in those spaces. You should choose a material that can handle all that wear and tear on a daily basis.

While you might want to “bling” out your countertops with diamonds, that is almost impossible and would cost you millions of dollars. On the next step down, you will find tungsten and titanium on the Mohs scale. These materials come in at number 9 on the chart. However, these metals are very cold and unattractive. Emeralds and topaz measure at an 8 on the Mohs scale. Like diamonds, it is also impossible to find a countertop that would be made of these gemstones.

There is still hope to find a durable countertop for your home. You still have many attractive and attainable options for your kitchen. Next on the Mohs scale is quartz or granite. These stones have a Mohs rating that ranges from 6 to 7. If you are thinking about marble, it is about a level or two less than these stones. Most marble has a hardness scale of 5.

Some people choose to have soapstone installed for their countertops. However, this stone contains talc, which is the softest mineral in nature. For that reason, soapstone is about 3.5 on the Mohs scale, and that rating can change depending on the quarry and quality.

What To Know About Stone Countertops

When you use natural stone countertops, it boosts the value of your bathrooms and kitchens. Plus, it looks classy when compared to those synthetic choices. Make sure to determine your preferences for each room, and then you can find the best type of stone countertop for your home.

Soapstone is a popular choice for a kitchen countertop. This stone has a gorgeous appearance that can spruce up any room. Since it is softer than other stones, it is more prone to wear and scratching over time. Some people say that those scratches give it more character as it ages. Soapstone cannot stain, and it is non-porous. When you need to boost its appearance, make sure to spread some mineral oil for a beautiful sheen.

If you want to add a choice that has been dazzling people for centuries, then choose some marble for your home. This natural stone is more susceptible to scratches and stains, but it is not affected by high heat levels. You can rest easy knowing that the countertop can withstand years of use in your home without losing any of that splendor.

For the most popular option in your kitchen, you need to look at quartz or granite countertops. These stones are prized for their durability and hardness. However, there could be some drawbacks. Quartz can be very expensive, and granite needs to be occasionally sealed. However, many homeowners add these stones to their homes for their beauty and durability. Along with that, quartz and granite can resist scratching more than any other stone.

Which Stone Countertop Is Best for You?

Depending on your desired look and preferences, you want to find a countertop to meet your daily needs and habits. You might want to contact a few granite companies nearby to get their advice for selecting a great countertop. All of these stones are available in a wide range of colors, and you will definitely find one that can be incorporated into your current design scheme.

You might also find a countertop that can be the center point of your newly redesigned kitchen or bathroom. Along with those areas, these stone countertops can be used in wet bars, outdoor kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Looking for the Right Stone Countertop?

If you need some assistance to find the right stone countertop for your home, make sure to speak to the professional team at Marble Concepts. We will assess your needs and find the best-suited material for your home. Whether you want a durable piece or need to focus on style, there is an exceptional stone countertop waiting for you. With natural stone, you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

For those who want to upgrade the look of their bathrooms or kitchens, the natural stone countertop is an exceptional choice. We have plenty of options to meet all your needs, and your complete satisfaction is our top priority. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please give us a call at 215-396-7393.