Your Edge Profile Options for Neolith Countertops

Neolith countertops deserve the best profile options, and since Neolith is resistant to almost everything, there is no reason to not go the distance with an edging choice. There are any number of selections to choose from in finishes, designs and edge profiles to complete the look you want for your kitchen.

The surfaces of neolith countertops come ready to go in half-inch sheets and as a homeowner you can choose options that reflect your style and choices in design. Whether it’s luxury you’re looking for, simple minimalism or even a rustic or country look, there is a style for everyone.

Neolith’s Sintered Compact Surfaces

The surfaces produced result from constant research by Neolith’s Spanish parent company, TheSize. Their commitment to excellence has brought in technological innovation that has made Neolith’s accomplishments incomparable. The most important of which is its Sintering technology. The materials used are subject to high pressures and temperatures that create physical and mechanical features unheard of in today’s technology.

There are three elements involved in Neolith surfaces that include:

  • Minerals from granite – for hardness and strength
  • Minerals from glass and silica – for chemical stability
  • Natural oxides – for color features

Neolith’s surfaces utilize natural resources with advanced sintering technology. A stable and durable slab is created that is resistant to:

  • Scratches
  • Stains
  • Moisture
  • High traffic
  • Chemicals
  • UV Rays
  • Temperature variances

Neolith designs are available in a 3 slab breakdown from which each has a different thickness that is ideal for different applications. Those thicknesses include:

1. The format is a 3mm thick slab, which is the thinnest option and works for:

  • wall cladding
  • shower surrounds
  • backsplashes

2. The format is a 6mm thick slab, which is ideal for flooring.

3. The format is a 12mm thick slab that is best used for countertops, tabletops, bartops, or other horizontal applications.

Designs are also available in tile format and as rectangles.

Edge Profile Options

In choosing an edge profile, there are several factors and options to consider. Here are some to consider for the type of kitchen and housing you presently have.

Eased and Honed

If you’re looking for a contemporary or minimalistic design, it may interest you to utilize easing and honing the edges of your countertops. This will make any edging smoother and rounded, minus sharp corners. This is a popular option because it doesn’t involve intense labor that is required of other profiles, plus it has become popular outside of the country. Examples of understated edge profiles for Neolith designs include Pietra di Osso or Phedra. These profiles are perfect for commercial designers looking for a budget-friendly and low-maintenance option that won’t bring added weight within their buildings.

Mitered with Apron

Neolith designs have the uncanny ability to parallel the appearance of marble and granite with the added benefits of strength and durability. To achieve the thickness of marble or granite countertops, they can put together Neolith surfaces in a mitered fashion to present a thicker profile. Because of the light nature of Neolith and its thinness, mitering the edges won’t add to its overall weight or to the bulk of the countertops, plus add any other strain to the cabinetry. If you are interested in achieving a stone-like edging profile, you can go to the Classtone Collection and look at a few design options in Blanco Carrara, Estatuario, and Calcatta.


A waterfall edge profile is one that gives a finished and luxurious effect to a countertop. With an edge profile that cascades down the edge of a cabinet like a waterfall, the look is one that brings elegance to the entire design. This choice can be mitered for a more glamorous look, or eased and honed. The finished look is one of an outline without additional volume. A waterfall edge presents the movement of veining and Neolith designs such as Estatuario and Calacatta Gold fit the design idea nicely. Vertical applications in either of these designs make it easy to appreciate the diversity in color, style and design.

Home Styles and Edge Profile Choices

Farmhouse – A farmhouse style home is both rustic, warm and inviting. Comfort is the goal as is a homey look rather than a more controlled environment. Most farmhouse kitchen use natural finishes and touches, which make for a natural design. Neolith designs from the Classtone Collection provide a mitered edge profile with a slab-stone look that is just right for a more natural and relaxed effect.

Contemporary and Modern – With a contemporary or modern kitchen, an eased and honed edge profile would support a more streamlined effect. With a kitchen that contains many bare surfaces along with minimalist decor and well placed technological gadgets, a sintered stone countertop design would help to create focal points without the overall design looking out of place. A waterfall edge would also allow for a hint of show without going overboard.

Mediterranean – A Mediterranean kitchen rooted in the past can take on a romantic feeling, particularly when warm tones and copper are part of its design. Textural aspects can add a feeling of relaxation, as can more decorative accents such as light fixtures and cabinets with details. Both an eased and honed edge profile can add the right finish, particularly when set on top of a wooden cabinet. A mitered edge will definitely draw attention to a stone countertop.

Traditional – A traditional kitchen can take on almost any edge profile. In designing such a kitchen, you’ll want to create comfort and coziness within your home. Details with tile backsplashes, glass cabinet doors and inlaid cabinetry are all characteristic of a traditional kitchen, and a waterfall edge can bring in a touch of class with this type of kitchen.

Whatever Neolith edge profile options are available, surely there is one out of the many that can help you complete your home kitchen countertop design. With what we know of the durability of Neolith and the many design ideas given, there is almost no edge profile that can’t be created for your countertops. If you want to know more about Neolith and its fabulous design history, or just have general questions complete the contact for and a representative will get back to you with the information you need.