4 Free Home Remodeling Tools You Can’t Live Without!

Remodeling is fun, exciting and just a little stressful. You need to choose colors, textures and other items to make sure your room looks stunning. You need to decide whether you want natural stone accents or your vision may include granite counters in the kitchen.

It can be very hard to see the vision when all you can look at are swatches, paint chips and samples. These four tools can help you actually see the room to get an idea how the finished product may look after making your design decisions.

Kitchen Visualizer

The Kitchen Visualizer allows you to choose between four different layouts. You can simply click on different counters, backsplashes and cabinets to see how they all work together. If you are looking at new flooring, you can choose samples to narrow down which idea you like the best. The program has natural stone and granite options, ten different cabinet colors, 42 backsplash and 146 countertop options.

Bathroom Visualizer

If it is your bathroom that needs a makeover, the Bathroom Visualizer will let you mix and match colors to see how they blend. There are two bathroom layouts where you can try different looks, like a mosaic look with a quartz vanity or solid wall colors with painted cabinetry. The Bathroom Visualizer has 16 mosaics, 12 countertop and floor colors as well as ten cabinet colors.

Edge Visualizer

Choosing a counter is just the first part of the decision. You also must decide what type of edge you want for your kitchen or bathroom. The Edge Visualizer lets you choose a natural stone option and then look at a variety of edges to see which looks best. You may prefer a triple pencil edge to the beveled edge once you see it on the countertop. This allows you to make the decision before you purchase rather than learning after the fact that it does not suit you.

Stacked Stone Visualizer

Stacked stone panels are a stunning addition to any room and are often used to surround fireplaces. Because they are fairly unique, it can often be difficult to visualize how they will look in a room. Choosing the right color is critical as the wall will probably be part of your home for quite some time. The Stacked Stone Visualizer is a perfect way to see how stacked stone panels will look in your room. You can choose from two layouts and from 35 different colors.

The visualizers are free and can help you create a unique, interesting room that you will already have a feel for before it is completed. You can fill out our contact form to learn more about creating your own unique room look. One of our helpful sales associates will answer any questions and guide you through the process.