How to Design the Perfect Mud Room

Mud happens. Kids run around in the backyard after a spring rainstorm or your spouse neglects to check their shoes when they wander through the house after coming in from work. Let’s face it, no one wants to clean up those dirty, muddy prints that are now tracked through the house. One way to keep the mud out of the house and condensed into one location is to add a mudroom to your home.

About the Mud Room

When you decide to add a mudroom, there are things you need to remember. It may be the first room anyone sees when they enter your home and this could include guests. Therefore, you want the room to be free of clutter and organized to the point even someone who arrives at your home for the first time will understand what to do. You will need to consider storage, the flow of the room and an area where people can sit to remove their shoes.

Storage in a Mud Room

When someone comes in with a wet jacket or coat, they want to be able to store it in an area that is well-ventilated so that it dries more quickly. You also don’t want your kids throwing wet scarves, gloves, and hats into a box where they will pile up and remain damp. Cubbies are a great way to encourage organization in your mudroom. You can add a small storage area below the cubby for shoes, a flat surface for gloves and hats as well as hooks for scarves and coats. Add a top section to store outdoor items like balls, frisbees and beach towels. Install drawers or hooks for keys and dog leashes for easy access as you run out the door.

Places to Sit

A seating area in a mudroom does not need to be extra comfortable as you don’t want people to hang out there. Instead, consider a durable bench that doubles as a storage area. Top the bench with a colorful cushion so that when someone sits to tie their shoes on the way out or untie them on the way in, they have a soft place to sit temporarily. No one wants to be hopping on one foot to remove heavy boots in the winter or even athletic shoes during warm months.

Keeping it Clean

For your storage area, consider something like wood painted with a semi-gloss or a prefabricated unit created from melamine which are both easy to clean. Although white will certainly brighten the room, it may be a challenge to keep clean. You can choose a darker paint that does a better job of concealing dirt and use brighter wall paint or accessories to cheer up the room. Choose your flooring carefully as well with special attention to how easy it is to clean. Be sure the floor does not get slippery when wet as well. If you are not a fan of linoleum, consider terracotta tile, brick or slate. Remember, however, that there are versions of linoleum today that look and feel like real wood or tile, so they may be an option for your mud room. Pay attention to the wall surface as well. Drywall can be difficult to keep clean so many designers recommend wainscoting or beadboard.

These are just a few tips for creating the perfect mudroom in your home. For more information, contact us today by calling or filling out the easy online form.