How To Care For Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is on the rise and has gained popularity for its ability to be integrated within almost any design scheme and style. It’s also durable and not that difficult to care for and maintain. All it takes is a few simple steps.

Handy Dust Mop

The best thing to use on a concrete floor is a dust mop. Used regularly, it can save a lot of time and cleaning effort. It will help deter dust and dirt buildup on a concrete floor and prevent damage to any sealer or veneer that has been applied to the floor. Any dust removal is a positive step towards a healthy and safe environment.

A good dust mop for concrete floors is one with a microfiber head. This type of mop is able to generate movement and attraction to dirt through a static electrical charge that allows for both easy movement and attraction of dirt and dust over a concrete floor. A microfiber mop does not require any cleaners or oils to improve its performance, though it should be shaken out after a number of uses, so as not to scratch any finish on the floor.

Damp Mopping

When you find that dust mopping is not completely removing dirt and debris from your concrete floor and the floor doesn’t seem to be as lustrous and bright, a damp mopping could be the key to a cleaner floor.

What’s most important with damp mopping is the use of balanced pH cleaners with explicit directions for their use. These types of cleaners can be found at lower prices through local (janitorial) cleaning supply outlets and specialty cleaning companies on and offline.

With concrete floors, it is imperative that no harsh chemicals or detergent-based cleaners be used on them. Bleach and ammonia are no-no’s as they can discolor and strip the finish or sealer on a concrete floor.

One thing to remember with any type of damp mop is to make sure that the cleaning solution used should not be allowed to get overly dirty or to splash or pool on the floor’s surface. Rinsing the mop and keeping it clean is important as well.

Concrete Floor Restoration

Like any other flooring, concrete will show wear. In order to restore luster and sheen to a concrete floor, it may need a finish or recoating process, which will preserve the original concrete sealer and any stain underneath it. Usually recoating is done on a yearly basis.

These type of restorers can, again, be purchased through cleaning (janitorial) supply outlets or on and offline stores at lower costs. They can be applied with a looped type mop, or a lambswool block and pad applicator. The sealer is spread in thin and even layers. The application is fairly easy and drying time is about 30 minutes.

If you have questions about caring for and cleaning concrete flooring or are interested in concrete flooring in general, complete the online contact form, and a flooring expert will get back to you with the information you need.