Make Your Pennsylvania U-Shaped Kitchen All About You

The U-shaped layout in kitchens remains one of the most popular because it gives you extra space. You have more room to work with than in other kitchen alternatives. Provided it gets designed right, you will find the flow of daily operations in the kitchen easier. Many see this choice as a luxurious and functional choice. While it commonly happens in larger kitchens, you can also set this up for a smaller kitchen. Let’s take a look at some expert tips on the design.

Aim for Good Accessibility over the Long-term

U-shaped kitchens focus on functional design, which is especially helpful for those who plan to stay in their home. When you set up the design for this, you may want to install an oven at the end of the cabinets rather than in the middle. This will improve access for people in wheelchairs who need access to the interior of the oven.

You want to leave about 36 inches of space between the countertops and appliances to allow for easier maneuvering. Ultimately, you set a goal to design the kitchen with the most livability. Even if you never struggle with mobility or require a wheelchair, you will still find the kitchen more pleasant when you design this way up front.

Putting in an Island

Small kitchens should forego this choice, but an island in the kitchen offers extra space. Some of the biggest advantages of islands in the kitchen include:

  • Extra storage for cooking utensils
  • Increased counter space
  • Option for extra seating like bar stools or dining chairs
  • Defines the space through an open-concept kitchen

An island can make the kitchen into a more social space because people have more area to hang out. They can help cook or drink a cocktail while you cook. Before you add the island think about your goals such as if you would like to increase the storage space available or would like to create a more social environment in the kitchen.

Break the Monotony with Open Shelves

U-Shaped kitchens offer an advantage in that they give you the most space, but they can become monotonous if done poorly. You want to break it up to make it enriching from a visual perspective. You can accomplish this with the use of open shelving. For those not interested in open shelving, you might try glass door cabinets to break up the visuals but to keep the space looking interesting and varied. Unfortunately, that’s the one issue that can arise with u-shaped kitchens.

The Working Triangle

They first developed this concept in the 1940s, and you will sometimes hear it called the golden triangle. The theory behind it is that the three main work areas in the kitchen should form a triangle. This specifically relates to the stove, sink, and refrigerator. The working triangle refers to the space found between those areas. You create the working triangle because it allows you access to the essentials with minimal interruption.

Not only does this have a functional purpose, but it looks good at the same time. Even today, most contractors and kitchen designers will recommend that you make your kitchen with the working triangle. This concept works as well in a small kitchen as it does in a large one.

With this concept, the leg of the triangle should be no less than 4 feet, and it shouldn’t be any greater than 9 feet. The three sides of the triangle shouldn’t exceed 26 feet. To follow the full concept, no traffic should flow through this triangle.

Install Some Kitchen Extras

An example is that putting together a wine storage area can give you space to create a sophisticated wine collection. You want to create this in such a way as to allow for storing a large number of wines. When you put in the u-shaped kitchen, you want to take advantage of every opportunity possible. Accessory items for the kitchen fit especially well, and they do better in this environment than in an L-shaped kitchen.

U-Shaped Kitchens Maximize Countertop Space

U-shaped kitchens provide you with extra countertop space because of the extra room from it. The countertops will give you extra room for small appliances like a toaster oven or an air fryer to sit on. Like with other kitchen types, you can choose the types of countertops that you would like. One of the most popular choices today is granite countertops because of their toughness and resistance to scratching. If you placed a hot pan on a granite countertop, you don’t have to worry that it would scorch it. Google, “Granite companies nearby” to learn more about the companies in the area.

U-shaped kitchens will likely remain popular in the future because they give you the most cabinet and counter space out of all the other choices.


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