What Makes a Kitchen Stand Out?

When you are investing in your countertops in your kitchen, you will want the materials you use to be top quality. You also want your kitchen to pop. Having an aesthetically pleasing kitchen will not only add a spark of joy when you are making your morning coffee but it will also impress any guest that walks through your door. When deciding how to decorate your kitchen and match your countertops to its surroundings it is difficult to, what makes a kitchen stand out. In this article, we will explore the different ways you can make a unique kitchen design around your natural stone countertops.

Use Bold Colors

Many people are afraid of color but if you are after a unique kitchen design then dive straight in. Next time you are at a DIY store make sure that you pick yourself up a paint chart and hold up each color next to your stunning kitchen countertops. When picking a color we would recommend that you choose a color that pops out to you and maybe even contrast with your kitchen countertops. Using this color around your kitchen on the walls or even as accenting objects such as appliances will work nicely and create an interesting and eye-catching design.

Match Glass Panels To Your Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops

Mixing and matching different types of materials can create a lovely contrast in your kitchen and will work great with your natural stone kitchen worktops. One material that works really well with natural stone is glass as it is reflective and creates a different texture within the room. We would recommend that you add glass panel inserts to your cabinets, which will create a slight change while still being in keeping with the natural materials in the room.

Get Funky With Your Lighting

What better way to shine the spotlight on your new kitchen countertops than actually applying to spotlight to your kitchen? Choosing a funky lighting fixture can allow the eye to naturally fall on your kitchen countertops. Light features can add heaps of personality to a room and therefore you will want to make sure that they go well with your kitchen countertops.

Choose A Backsplash That Will Pair Nicely With Your Countertops

You may be thinking, what is a kitchen backsplash? A kitchen backsplash is a panel behind a sink or cooker that protects the wall from splashes. One of the easiest ways to make sure your kitchen stands out is to choose a bold backsplash that pairs nicely with your countertops. When choosing a backsplash, you can choose from a range of bright colors or different materials like tiles. This will make your kitchen not only look spotless but very eye-catching.

Think About Your Moldings

If you are trying to create a traditional kitchen design that is unique and matches your natural stone countertops, you will want to consider moldings. Moldings are a big focus when it comes to traditional kitchen design. Some of the mold popular types of moldings are crown moldings and molding that are on cabinets. These little details can make sure the kitchen looks showstopping and well taken care of.

Color Your Cabinets

When playing around with color, if you are a minimalist, decorating with appliances and little bits and bobs may not be up your street. If you are still a fan of color, why not paint your kitchen cabinets or choose colorful kitchen cabinets when designing your kitchen? Adding color to your kitchen cabinets is a great way of adding color to your room without making the room feel overwhelmed or too bright.

Decorate With Food

One popular trend that has been ongoing for years now is decorating your kitchen with food on display. This is a great way of making your kitchen look well-used and full of home-cooked meals. The best way to decorate your kitchen with food is to purchase some see-through glass jars which you can then fill with colorful food such as pasta, lentils, or even liquids such as olive oil. All the beautiful colors from the food will make your kitchen feel rustic and even give a European vibe.

Expose Your Shelving

We have always been told that we should keep storage hidden away and aim to have our kitchen as empty as possible but that may not be the best way to make your kitchen stand out. Creating some opening shelves and exposing some of the objects that you love the most can not only make your kitchen look lived in but can also express a little bit of your personality too. A great design tool is to display nice plates and dishware or cooking utensils.

Get Creative and Use Your Countertops As A Centerpiece

The best way to start designing your kitchen to stand out from the crowd is to make sure you approach it with a creative mindset. Choosing objects and colors that pair nicely with your kitchen countertops will help the room flow together nicely. Do not be afraid to contrast with your countertops as this can bring youtube the best accents in them. Seeing as your kitchen countertops will be an impressive feature of your kitchen, we would recommend that you make them the centerpiece of the room.

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