White Granite Countertops That Look Like Marble

If you want to upgrade your countertops, granite is a great option that can mimic the look of marble. Many people choose this material because it is less costly than a marble slab. Along with that, granite is durable and holds up to all that hard work in the kitchen. Here are a few granite alternatives that can give your countertops a marble-like appearance.

The Difference Between Granite and Marble

Granite is considered a coarse-grained igneous rock, and it is quarried as a natural slab. This type of material is produced when molten rock cools down. Solid granite is extracted from those deeper areas in the ground, usually where the heat can develop the molten rock. Once the rock is pushed to the surface, it is quarried into a slab.

Typically, you can find various minerals and rocks in the granite, including amphiboles, micas, and quartz. The proportions of these materials will cause veining and colorations in the rock. Since the granite is porous, you must seal it every two to three years. However, this is a very durable material. It can hold up in your kitchen or bathroom. You will want to maintain it like any other type of countertop to protect its beauty.

Now let’s look at marble. This material is a metamorphic rock. When dolomite and calcite crystals are highly pressurized in the earth’s crust, it creates marble. Throughout the centuries, people have been extracting marble by splitting it from rocky surfaces. Mining marble is a delicate process, and that is why it costs more than granite.

Marble is also less durable than granite. Both of the materials are porous and natural slabs, but marble does tend to crack. If you want to determine the difference between granite and marble, you will have to conduct a scratch test. When you scratch a granite countertop, you will not see any marks on the surface. However, if you do the same to marble, scratches will appear on the material.

Marble often requires more maintenance than granite. Due to its porosity, the countertop can be easily stained. This material can handle higher temperatures than granite. For example, marble will need to be sealed every year to prevent any damage to the surface.

Many people choose marble for its beautiful designs and patterns. Granite is still beautiful, but the marble has prominent and visible design patterns. You will notice the heavy veins and swooshes in the marble, while granite just features tiny specks of color. For those reasons, marble is a highly prized material for a kitchen or bathroom. However, due to the expense and porosity, some people want to find a better alternative to this material.

While the beauty of marble cannot be matched, you can find some great white granite countertops that will rival the look of marble.

White Granite Countertops That Look Like Marble

If you are looking for the beauty of marble but want the price and sturdiness of granite, there are plenty of choices for your home. In many cases, the white granite almost looks identical to marble. Here are a few options that you may want to use in your home.

River White

This white granite material offers a slight variation of gray and white veins with a few spots of burgundy. If you want a sophisticated appearance, this is the ideal choice. Along with that, it is also an inexpensive option. You can enhance its beauty with the right flooring and backsplash for a sophisticated look.

Bianco Romano

The Bianco Romano features an elegant blend of gray and white, and there are black and brown specks that can create an “icy” backdrop. This material is perfect for those who want to create a hazy effect on the surface. The Bianco Romano offers a great marble-like appearance that gives a little airiness to your kitchen countertops.

New River White

New River White makes an exceptional choice if you want a creamy brown base with gray and brown veining. The wild patterns of the veins can imitate the look of marble. For those kitchens with oak or dark wood, this is the perfect element to add to those spaces. When added to your home, you can create a more enjoyable atmosphere in your kitchen.

White Fantasy

White Fantasy is an excellent choice if you want a material that is close in appearance to marble. These materials feature background swirls of creamy whites and pearly grays. It also has strong gray striations that mimic the appearance of drifting clouds.

Glacier White

For those who love the look of marble, you might want to add Glacier White to your countertops. This material offers a breathtaking pattern that features bold striations found in marble with creamier tones. Some slabs often have flecks of red, pink, or beige.

Alternative To Granite

Many granite options will look great in your home, but there are other alternatives to marble. Cultured marble is a material that is manmade. This marble is more durable and less porous than the real thing. Since it is a manufactured product, you will not find those unique patterns like in a naturally quarried slab.

Choose the Best Material for Your Home

Marble is a stunning material for your kitchen or bathroom countertops, but it requires maintenance to keep it looking great. Plus, you have to pay a high price tag for a slab. Several granite options will look great in your home, and they can often mimic the beauty of natural marble. Most of these materials even have that veining that is prized in the countertop industry. No matter your style, you will find a granite countertop that will meet your needs.

Looking for Granite Companies Nearby?

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