Do Granite Countertops Fade?

With so many options in natural stone countertops, it is expected that you would have questions. It is true that granite is the most popular natural stone countertop available. They also add value to your home and are more durable than other types of countertop options, but if your kitchen or bath counters is exposed to direct sunlight, you may question whether granite counters will fade.

Granite Counters and Sunlight

If your granite countertops are exposed to direct sunlight, it will fade, but it will take many years for that to happen. However, there are several different types of sunlight with varying levels of radiation. Ultraviolet sunlight, the same rays that can give you a sunburn, are what will slowly fade the color of your granite countertops. If the countertop is inside your home, window glass is designed to filter some of that light, so it is possible you will never notice your granite fading. In fact, almost all UV-B light is filtered by your windows. Although UV-A light will still come into your home through the windows, your home shades the items inside, so there is less chance of your granite counters fading.

Granite Used Outdoors

Many types of granite can be used in outdoor living spaces, such as kitchens, patios or decks. If you plan to install granite outside, it is suggested you install it under a pergola or other type of covering that will deflect ultraviolet rays. Although granite resists ultraviolet rays fairly well, if it is in the direct sun, it will fade over time.

Other Natural Stones

There are some imported granite countertops with dyes to give them a specific color. Known as color-enhanced granite, the dyes in these types of countertops will react with ultraviolet rays which means they could fade more quickly. Quartz countertops, because they are created with resins and polymers, can also fade more quickly than granite when exposed to direct sunlight.

Fading or Worn Sealant?

If you believe your granite counters have begun to fade, it is possible what you are seeing is not fading at all. Granite counters must be sealed periodically and, if the sealant has started to wear away, it may look as if the counter is fading or the counter may appear dull. Drop water on the counter and, if it no longer beads but gets absorbed quickly, you need to replace your sealant.

If you have noticed your granite counters appear dull or faded, contact Marble Concepts today. We can provide you with a no-obligation inspection and help you get your countertops back to their beautiful, lustrous condition. If you are considering installing natural stone in your home or office, contact us by filling out the form online or giving us a call at 215-396-7393.