Granite or Marble: Best material For Your Home Bar?

If you have a home bar or are planning on putting one in your home, what’s the best material to use, granite or marble? In looking at comparisons of these natural stones, you are the judge of the one that works best for you in your home.

Natural Stone Luxury

Natural stones, like granite and marble, bring a feeling of opulence and luxury to a home bar. There is an array of colors and textures in both granite and marble, and you can transfer that feeling of luxuriousness to a home bar. You can bring the look directly to your bar and entertain friends and family on special occasions for refreshment right in your own home.

Current design trends indicate that natural stone remains an excellent choice for a home bar. Natural stone is both elegant and strong, setting up a home bar should be both useful and fun, but what material should you use? Whatever your choice, there are some things you need to take into account before starting a home bar.

In addition to Home Design

When you love to entertain and like to prepare fresh drinks, a bar is one addition to a home that makes that possible. The bar becomes the focal point for parties, family events, and other gatherings. It also becomes a strikingly dramatic addition to your home design. You can create a functional and captivating decor through the use of either granite or marble in your design scheme. You want to decide how you’re going to use a home bar, whether just for occasional use or on a more regular basis. A versatile, attractive, and easy-care material is what you are looking for and you should consider either granite or marble in your plans. Any of the following suggestions for either granite or marble are useful for design ideas.


If you use a home bar regularly or plan on installing one soon, granite is an excellent choice for a bar top. The durability factor of granite is a perfect reason to choose it as it also has resistance to heat and with the different colors, patterns, and textures of granite, you can create a unique and elaborate look. Trends in home design suggest that any home bar rich in color that’s both dark and austere in appearance will work well for creating the right impression. Granite selections in a bold color with flecks of gold or a deep gray veining will further the look.

You’ll want to look at the different selections available through granite companies nearby so you can ask for pictures or samples of dark granite. Remember that granite requires periodic sealing and follow-up maintenance. Avoid damaging its surface through spills on this rather porous stone. This is important for a home bar, as it can last indefinitely when you provide proper and regular care.

Whether you use granite in a kitchen, bathroom, or bar, it’s a high-end material that consistently remains at the top of most homeowners’ wish lists in popularity and use. It simply adds character to a space because of its wide range in varying color and pattern selections that help create a strikingly appealing bar top.


When you want a look that suggests minimalism for a home bar, marble is the other natural stone that brings unparalleled beauty and elegance to your bar. Its austere luxury adds ambiance and relaxation to an area where people gather for cocktails or wine.

Marble is perfect for anyone who wants a subtle but elegant look for a bar top. With veining running through a calming white color, you experience a soothing feeling that enhances a bar area and creates a sense of relaxation and it not only adds visual appeal, but it also adds value to a home.

As marble is a softer stone than granite, staining can occur from spilled drinks, wine, and any food and drink that contain acids, like tomato juice. Spills should be taken care of as soon as possible. As marble is more easily affected by scratches and cracks, it requires additional care.

The exquisiteness and changelessness of marble are unparalleled. Marble miraculously brings a lavish and elegant feel to a home bar, especially when you pair it with just the right hardware and bar accessories. You can create and secure the feeling of an elaborate restaurant or bar right in your home.

One example of marble for a home bar is blue marble. It’s available in varying pastels and deeper shades with many white and blue veins, which create serenity and calmness in a home bar. It’s one choice that exemplifies the wonder of marble and what it can do for any space in a home. Again, only with proper sealing and upkeep can its luxuriousness be maintained. You also have to watch for stains and daily wear, especially with extended use. Marble countertops remain more suitable for a home bar that is used occasionally.

Granite or Marble?

With a home bar that is used consistently, granite countertops seem to edge out marble and that’s because of granite’s characteristic feature of durability and its availability in a wide range of selections with colors, patterns, and finishes. Strength and beauteous appeal go hand in hand with granite. Yes, sealing granite periodically is part of the process, but it’s worth it when you are using a bar area regularly.

Marble is appealing if you’re going to use it less frequently in a bar setting. It requires more care, but if you’re unable to resist the clean and austere white background and the veining, marble is hard to beat.

Maybe you’re on the fence as far as what is a better bar material, granite, or marble. If you have questions concerning either, call Marble Concepts at 215-396-7393. They’re the experts and will give you the answers you need, plus they’ll advise you of the best stone for your particular needs.