4 Reasons Why People Love Recycled Glass Countertops

People love recycled glass countertops because they are a distinctive and novel surface, plus they are stylish and kind to the environment. Glass is an option to the more traditional surfaces that are in the marketplace, such as granite, quartz, laminate and other materials. One of the many reasons for the newfound interest in glass countertops is that they present a clean, fresh and stylish appearance yet are durable and easy to maintain.

What Are Recycled Glass Countertops?

Recycled glass countertops are just that. They are made from recycled glass pieces. They are a combination of glass chips that are bound together by binder materials. Actual colored pieces or shards of glass can be seen on the surface of the countertop, which makes the counter appear multi-colored and gleaming. Glass countertops are a nice option as they are unique and come in a selection of colors and designs.


Attractive Style

Styling with recycled glass is through different compositions. Glass countertops can have patterns, textures, variegation or simply be clear. Those same patterns and textures are endless and contain choices within designs, such as beveled edges, frosted and clear looks, tinting, back-painting and other options. Kitchen colors can be easily matched or accented with glass and lighting (LED) can even be placed under the glass or within the countertop itself. Glass countertops are an attractive and practical way to introduce a sleek and clean look to a kitchen.

Strong and Durable

Many may think of glass countertops as something fragile, easily scratched and damaged, but that is not the case with glass. It is a natural substance that is made from sand, which is melted and it is strong and durable like other substances from the earth. It resists scratches, moisture and mold and it can withstand high heat.

Resists Bacteria

Glass is one countertop material that completely resists bacteria. It is not permeable or porous, and it cleans up easily with simple soap and water. It does not require sealing and any maintenance that is needed is minimal.

Environmentally Friendly

Glass is one natural product that is recyclable. Unlike other natural substances, once glass has gone through a useful period, it can be recycled. Since recycled glass countertops are made of 80 to 90 percent already used glass, it remains a countertop material that is sustainable, continually marketable and easily replaced without infringing on resources from the earth.

Glass countertops may be the alternative you are looking for in a countertop design and if you are, let Marble Concepts be your guide to what they can bring to your kitchen or other areas of your home. Simply complete the contact form or give us a call and a countertop representative will provide you with the details you need to decide whether glass is the edge you are looking for in countertop design.