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Countertop Fabrication in Germantown, Pennsylvania

Choosing the right countertop will make all the difference in your home. Wherever you plan on putting a countertop or vanity or mantle, the beauty of natural stone fits in anywhere. There are a broad variety of materials, including granite, marble, quartz, and even lesser-known options, like soapstone or travertine. Marble Concepts has been providing homes like yours with gorgeous countertops for years. Take a look at some of our services, such as the fabrication of granite countertops in Germantown, PA.

Granite Countertops In Germantown, Pennsylvania

Known for its durability and beauty, granite is a wonderful material for a natural stone countertop. Although granite has to be periodically sealed, it is not as porous or soft as marble. You do not have to worry much about bacteria or mold growth. Furthermore, it does not etch easily.

Maintaining your granite countertops will also be a breeze. Use some water and mild soap to remove contaminants.

Unsure of which color granite to use in your home? Give Marble Concepts a call. We have a variety of slabs available or can source the perfect color from elsewhere. Our team will also provide you with templates and designs. We measure the space, cut the stone, and then install and prep it for use.

Quartz Countertops In Germantown, Pennsylvania

Quartz countertops are a wonderful choice when you are looking for the beauty of marble but a higher level of resilience. Quartz is engineered with natural materials to create a smooth, nonporous surface that requires next to zero maintenance throughout the year. There is only one thing you need to know: Because quartz is mixed with binding agents, it is not as heat resistant as granite.

That said, there is a wide range of colors and brands to choose from. You are bound to find a quartz countertop that perfectly suits your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Marble Countertops In Germantown, Pennsylvania

Soft, luxurious, and rich in colors and dimensions, marble is a popular choice for many. Since marble is cool, it is the perfect countertop for those who love making pastries and baked goods. Highly durable, marble will last for years with periodic resealing and maintenance. Marble may stain, so be sure to wipe away any spills, including wine, sauce, and coffee.

We recommend marble for bar countertops, bathrooms, and backsplashes since it comes in a stunning rainbow of colors.

Why Choose Marble Concepts

Since 1991, Marble Concepts has been providing Pennsylvania—including Germantown—with natural and engineered stone. Our highly trained staff can help you select the proper stone for your next home remodel. We even design, fabricate and install your stone countertops and floors, all the while paying extreme attention to the finest of details. If you are considering natural stone for your next renovation or remodeling project, give Marble Concepts a call at 215-396-7393. You can also fill out the online contact form.

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