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Countertop Fabrication in New Castle County, Delaware

There is no denying that natural stone countertops bring something new to your home. Whether you are envisioning gorgeous marble vanities to go alongside the new stone tiles in your shower or dark granite to contrast with the light colors of your kitchen cabinets, stone is a true upgrade. There are many options out there, so how do you ever make a choice? Marble Concepts has a number of materials you can select, but here are our recommendations.

Granite Countertops In New Castle County, Delaware

Granite has been the top choice among New Castle County homeowners for many years. The unrivaled resilience and beauty of granite makes it hard to beat. If you want to transform a kitchen into a beautiful yet functional space, granite is the best option. Granite does require some maintenance and cleaning throughout the year, but it is highly resistant to damage and heat.

Marble Concepts has plenty of granite slabs available for you to see. We will introduce you to colors that will make your kitchen, bathroom, or other spaces in your home pop.

Quartz Countertops In New Castle County, Delaware

Is finding a countertop that doesn’t require much maintenance at the top of your list? Engineered quartz may be of interest to you. Not to be confused with natural quartz stone or even quartzite, quartz countertops are a unique blend of polymers, quartz powder, and pigments. This gives the material incredible strength, as well as plenty of customization options.

Quartz may not be resistant to heat, but it is a nonporous surface that does not require sealing. Furthermore, it will stay brilliant for years, as it does not get etched like marble.

Marble Countertops In New Castle County, Delaware

Marble is synonymous with luxury. The richness and smoothness of the stone can’t be compared to much else. Marble is truly the stone to choose when you want to make a genuine statement. Not only that, but marble is durable. Home bakers and cooks will love how cool marble stays to the touch.

While marble may not be as hard as granite or quartz, it does resist a lot of damage when properly maintained. A routine resealing once a year, as well as day-to-day cleaning, will keep your marble counters from getting etched, scratched, and stained.

Unsure of what kind or color of marble to choose for your kitchen, bathroom, or accents? The consultants at Marble Concepts can help you decide. We have an incredible selection of marble slabs to choose from. To make your countertop or customized project all the more special, we can show you templates and edge styles to complete the look. Once you have decided on the design, our team can begin fabricating your new countertop right away.

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    Since 1991, Marble Concepts has been providing the region with natural stone countertops of exceptional quality. Our team of stone countertop fabricators is top notch and expertly skilled. We also have a broad selection of stone, both natural and engineered, to meet your needs and budget perfectly. Whether you want to add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen or upgrade your newly renovated bathroom, we have something to suit your aesthetic. We pay attention to even the smallest details of the project, ensuring that you get the granite countertops of your dreams.

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