What You Need to Know About Quartz Countertop Brands

Quartz is growing in popularity with homeowners, even though granite continues to be the most popular countertop option. Quartz is a lot like granite when it comes to hardness and durability, but it is better than natural stone in several ways. For example, the pores in granite and other types of natural stone means that they stain easily if you fail to apply sealer. Engineered stone is made with a combination of natural stone with resin and polymers, which makes it highly stain resistant since it has no pores. Quartz has greater flexibility than natural stone, which means that it does not chip or scratch easily. The big drawback has to do with heat resistance. Natural stone is heat resistant, quartz is not. This means that you will have to put down a trivet before you place hot pans on a quartz countertop.

Modern stone manufacturing methods allow companies to create engineered stone countertops that look and feel like granite and marble. They are also more durable and do a better job of resisting stains despite coming in at lower price points than natural stone. Quartz countertops are all equally sanitary and durable regardless of the brand. The major manufacturers all offer long warranties as well. Because the quality of quartz countertops is so similar, you should make your choice based on factors like the color and finish. You should also choose a brand that offers the longest warranty. Here is a list of the most popular quartz countertop brands:

Cambria Quartz

Cambria is the world’s largest quartz countertop manufacturer and offers more than 100 design styles and colors and is one of the luxury quartz countertop brands. Cambria is sold only through Costco and other select retailers and distributors. They offer the most realistic-looking engineered stone on the market. Cambria is the only brand that makes its engineered stone entirely in the US.


Available across the country in more than 40 colors, Caesarstone is the most popular engineered stone. It comes in a wide and varied range of styles that include ones that look like marble as well as some with contemporary textures. They offer clean monochromatic designs as well, including pure white and concrete. Caesarstone has been around since 1987, which makes it one of the oldest brands. Its product line is continually evolving. They offer quartz that will fit with almost any kitchen’s decor.


The Viatera product comes from the South Korean electronics company LG known for its kitchen appliances. Viatera was created in Italy. Viatera quartz comes in 50 colors ranging from Snow Storm to Absolute Night.


Based in Spain, Silestone is the flagship brand of Italian company Consentino. Silestone’s product is best known for its brilliant solid colors rather than for its resemblance to natural stone. With more than 60 colors and styles available, Silestone is among the most popular quartz countertop brands. It is available nationwide and its 25-year warranty can be transferred to subsequent owners.


Okite is another upscale quartz manufacturer that sells their product via luxury kitchen retailers and design companies. Okite offers their engineered stone in over 40 colors.


Based in Seattle, Pental is a quartz distributor with its own line. It is known for selling its quartz countertops at affordable prices.

Santa Margherita

Sold by the Verona Marble Company, Santa Margherita engineered stone comes in unique design options including their Textured Wave and Glitter product lines.


The product line of Daltile is limited with only 34 designs, but this brand offers quartz countertops at a lower price than many of the larger brands.

Corian Quartz

Previously called Zodiaq and available in more than 40 colors and a variety of textures, Corian Quartz is widely available across the country. Corian Quartz is made by chemical company DuPont.

Granite Transformations

The countertops in the Granite Transformations line are made with granite and quartz. This engineered stone comes in more than 40 colors and textures and is sold only in Granite Transformations stores.


HanStone is another American-made engineered stone that is six times more durable than granite, making it an ideal option for households that are hard on their countertops. HanStone comes in more than 50 styles that can match many different kitchen designs.

MSI Q Quartz

MSI stands for MS International. The company has been around since 1975 and provides premium surfaces to be used in both residential and commercial settings. They offer a line of Q Premium Natural Quartz that is available in numerous heat and scratch resistant styles. Engineered stone from MSI comes with a lifetime residential warranty.

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