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Countertop Fabrication in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

Natural stone is growing in popularity, especially if you are considering a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project. Remodeling your kitchen or bath can bring you a huge return on your investment but adding natural stone counters or floors can increase that return significantly. Natural stone like marble, granite or quartz is durable, beautiful and much more affordable than you may think.

Granite Countertops In Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

One of the most popular choices in countertops today, granite adds an elegance to any room where it is installed. In fact, granite is not just limited to your kitchen or bath. Many types of granite are rated for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can choose a granite countertop for your outdoor kitchen or granite accents around your patio. Granite is extremely durable, but it does require some care. Because grit trapped on the bottom of pans can scratch the surface, it is recommended that you always use trivets or hot pads. Place throw rugs at entrances if you install granite floors to avoid scratches from grit on the bottom of shoes or feet.

Quartz Countertops In Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

Quartz countertops are actually engineered stoned. Although they are manufactured, they are created from more than 90 percent quartz, the hardest stone on the planet. Unlike granite or marble, slabs can look the same since they are manufactured, so your countertops may have a more uniform look. This is especially important if you have a large kitchen with big countertops. Quartz countertops are also available in a wider range of colors since pigment is added to the crushed stone. Engineered stone is also available for backsplashes and accents as well.

Marble Countertops In Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

Marble adds a timeless beauty to any home. For centuries, the stone has been used in both interior and exterior locations, attesting to the durability of the stone. Marble is softer than granite or quartz so it does tend to scratch more easily. Marble should be sealed annually to keep the surface protected. Acidic materials and oils will stain marble so do not store decorative oil bottles on your marble counter. Be sure to wipe up spills of citrus juice, red wine, coffee or tomato-based sauces immediately.

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With decades of experience helping people just like you choose the perfect stone for their project, Marble Concepts continues that tradition with friendly, helpful customer service staff who listen to you. We develop an understanding of your family so that we can recommend a natural stone that will provide your family with beauty and elegance for many years to come. We also have a wide selection of stone available so we can match any décor.

If you are considering natural stone for your remodeling project, contact Marble Concepts today by calling 215-396-7393 or complete the simple form online. We will work with you to be sure you get the stone that fits perfectly into your home and your life.

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